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It Even Quacks Like a Duck!

Peyton and his new duck toy

I have a recommendation to make to everyone…get yourself an angel who’ll look after you as well as Steve is looking after Peyton. Another package came for Peyton with more duck treats! And I now know that Steve has a great sense of humor because in the box addressed to Peyton, along with the treats, was an adorable duck, tug toy that quacks. I have photo and video of Peyton playing with his new toy but unfortunately…I forgot to get the kids to make it quack while they were playing with it. Sorry… Hope you enjoy the photos and video. – Barbara

Peyton's end of the duck toy

Star is on the other end of the duck toy…you can see both Peyton and Star and the toy below.

Peyton and Star with Duck Toy

Peyton and Star and Duck Toy

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