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Pet Insurance

Have a 13 year old Sheltie named Sassy. He’s in good health – no pre-existing conditions at this time. I realize this could change very quickly at this stage in his life which is why I have been shopping for pet insurance.There’s a wealth of info on the internet. It’s also a place where anyone can make any claims they’d like to.
What kind of pet does your sheltie have? How much for the annual/monthly cost?
Have you heard of Trupanion? They will cover a dog over 10 years old, while VPI won’t.

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18 comments to Pet Insurance

  • Sheltiemom didn’t mention that she adopted Sassy from Sheltie Rescue of Utah. I am so glad to learn that Sassy’s a healthy 13 year old boy. He was one of those very special guys we often get in rescue whom we remember long after their adoption.

    The question of pet insurance is something that comes up pretty often, but unfortunately I don’t really know much about it. Barbara and I’ve discussed it from time to time, but it’s infeasible for us to use on our rescues, largely because they don’t typically stay with us long enough to justify the cost. Consequently, we’ve never done any in-depth research on the subject, not even for our personal Shelties.

    But our readers have a wealth of experience that we don’t, and perhaps some of you have suggestions to make to Sheltiemom about pet health insurance.

  • We use petplan — or call them at 1.866.467.3875 NEW EXTENDED HOURS 8:30 – 8:30 Mon-Sat (EST); also, link to what they cover
    Coverage annualy is $235 for the gold package with a $200 dollar deductible. We were covered for Brutus’s hip and elbow surgeries cost out of our pockets $200 for surguries costing about $7000. To answer your question about coverage at age 13, call them and see, but I do believe they do for an additional cost.
    I LOVE THIS INSURANCE! It is HIGHLY recommended by DeBoys and I.

  • Sheltiemom

    Thanks Patti :- )
    I’ll click on the links and check this information out. Sounds like this plan has saved you quite a bit on your vet bills($200 for surguries costing about $7000).Just took him in for an annual check up recently. He doesn’t need anything like surgery yet since he’s healthy **fingers crossed** I just hope gopet… will insure him in spite of his advanced age.

    BTW:I adopted TWO Shelties from Sheltie Rescue. Their names are Sassy(13)and Anna(8). Both are very affectionate, fun loving and enjoy going for long walks!! It’s helped keep them and me in shape.

    Jim, how do I post a photo along with a comment?

  • Hmmm…I honestly don’t know how to post a photo along with a comment using the current architecture of this blog. I’ve wanted to do that myself a few times, but never figured it out. I know that it’s technically feasible, but I think I have to make a change to the way the blog is built beneath the covers. In the meantime, you can just write a new blog post and put your pictures in there. But I’ll try to figure out how I can make the comment entry box full-functioned, just like the blog entry box.

    (And, yes, I still have an action item to figure out how to get rid of the duplicate comments at the end of the last post on each page.)

  • I think I’ve found a way to allow images (photos and, I think, videos) to be inserted into comments. I found a WordPress plugin that supports this capability and have installed and configured it. (WordPress is the software on which this blog is built, and a plugin is a piece of software that modifies the basic functionality of the base software.)

    I’ve got it configured so that only registered users can incorporate photos (and videos). Here’s a sample image to demonstrate that it works:

    Actually, this is a test comment to prove to myself that it worked :) If it did, then you can do it too. The way to use it is to click on that Browse button below and select the image file on your computer that you want included in your comment. When the preview of the image displays, you copy the code below the image filename (e.g., [img.../img]) into your comment. When you’re done with the comment, just click Submit Comment as usual.

    And there you are!

  • Ahhh…for security purposes, I’ve had to disable uploading of videos. Therefore, only JPEG images, GIF images, and PNG images are currently permitted. I might try to expand the repertoire a bit later on if there’s any demand for it, but I suspect that 99.9% of the images you’ll want to upload will be JPEG images anyway.

  • Trudy's Mom

    Hmm.  Not that I’m ready (or have the time right now–am already late for work!), but I don’t see a “Browse button” below, at the top, or in the sidebar.  When you say “below” is below the original post, the last post, or under the Leave a Reply line, with all other formating options?

  • sheltiemom — How did you do on insurance?

  • Sheltiemom

    Hi Patty!
    First I looked at the Gopetplan. Then I looked at a few others. What I found was very helpful to cover the expenses of a currently ill animal or one with serious/chronic medical conditions but not a whole lot for preventative(dental, vaccinations etc..) the stuff I currently spend a lot of cash on for Sassy, Anna and three other animals(domestic ferrets). I love all five of my four legged “kids” and show that love through feeding them quality foods, giving them exercise and taking them to the vet for regular checkups. It seems to be working well enough.

  • Sheltiemom

    Here’s a more recent pic of Sassy.  Jim, I know you remember him.

  • Sheltiemom

    well….that didn’t work :- (

  • Sheltiemom

    okay, here’s Sassy…

  • Sheltiemom

    :- ()    Whaaaa??  I’m  “technobaffled”

  • Cheryl, here’s what I see on my screen when I’m entering a comment. The top of the screen has the usual banner image and title, the sidebars contain the normal stuff, and the center column contains the post on which I’m commenting followed by any and all existing comments. Then I see the area entitled “Leave a Reply” that contains a white box into which I can enter my comments, followed by the “Submit Comment” button.

    Below that is an area entitled “Upload Files”. Following that title is a paragraph of text, followed by a little gray box preceded by “Select File:” and followed by a button labeled “Browse…”.

    If I’m NOT logged in, though, I don’t see the area entitled “Upload Files” or the stuff below it that includes the “Browse…” button. I must be logged in before I can see this area.

    Folks, I’m sorry that this is turning out to be so frustrating. (Believe me…it was frustrating to me just to get this far with it!) But I’ll keep on trying as long as it takes to get this working for you. Cheryl, if you still don’t have any luck with this, I can work with you on the phone. Unfortunately, that’ll have to wait until early June after I get back to Utah from my current business trip to China.

  • Kathlynn (SheltieMom), I’m sorry this is proving to be so frustrating to you! Based on your words, I am confident that you are logged in and that you see the “Upload Files” area and the “Browse…” button I mentioned in my reply to Cheryl immediately above. Send me private email (send it to SheltieJim at xmission dot com) that tells me exactly what you’re doing, step by step, including what you see on your screen as you do it. In particular, after you select a file and click “Open” (or “OK” or whatever the button says), do you see your own picture?

    Here’s a possible problem — the size of the file. What is the filesize of the picture? Some people don’t realize that image files can be very large, many megabytes when using the latest high-resolution cameras. I’ve set a limit of 1 megabyte per image, but even that takes practically forever to display for people who don’t have really high bandwidth connections. A practical size for image files is maybe 50,000 to 100,000 bytes. If the filesize of Sassy’s picture is too large, that would explain why nothing happens (although I thought an error should be displayed).

    Don’t forget that, after you select the picture file and click “Open”, you should see a preview of the image (like the image of Tommy I’ve included here), below which is a string of characters starting with a left square bracket, the letters “img”, a right square bracket, a bunch of stuff, then a left square bracket, a slash, the letters “img” and another right square bracket. You have to copy that entire string exactly as it’s written into your comment at the place where you want the picture to appear.
  • Trudy's Mom

    Wow!  This seems to be a very active topic (or two, what with insurance AND graphics! LOL)  Jim, Thanks for the instructions.  I’ll become a registered member very soon (when it’s not so darned late here in Virginia and I can spend more time on line) and share more pix of Trudy–who just turned 7 on 5/14!  And her 2nd “Gotcha!” day is coming up on 6/1.

  • Sheltiemom

    Thank you Jim for the detailed instructions on how to post photos here.I have another from my cell phone. It’s  80.0 KB (82,015 bytes).  

  • Pets need insurance too! They deserve what we people deserve. :)

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