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Fund Raiser at the BeeHive Cluster

FUND RAISER — Buy a raffle ticket or a stretch of raffle tickets and we will place the tickets in the drawing for some of the most FANTASTIC GIFT BASKETS you have ever seen full of dog supplies.  Cindy has outdone herself again, with the great effort of compiling the donated items for the raffle.  Now it is our turn to do our job — SUPPORT our cause.

The raffle booth is going on now, through Sunday, at the Bee Hive Cluster — visit the booth personally or contribute online by contacting us at – instructions for payment through PayPal will be given to you through your email communication.  

Every year we do a raffle in May to help with expenses for these wonderful Shelties. Any donation for the raffle is greatly appreciated.

The mission of Sheltie Rescue of Utah is to rescue lost and discarded Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), rehabilitate them physically and mentally, and to find new homes in which they will live for the rest of their lives.

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4 comments to Fund Raiser at the BeeHive Cluster

  • Cindy and Shanna both really outdid themselves this year. It is incredible how many things are in the raffle. I think you’d have to see a picture to appreciate it. I wish I had thought to take one before I left the show. Anyway, great job to everyone who was involved in this fundraiser!

  • Hey, any word on how the raffle fundraiser turned out this year? I know you’re all still really busy up there, but I’d love to hear when someone has time. :-)

  • Marie, sorry for the lack of a response. Cindy hasn’t given us the final total yet, but she told us (on Sunday morning, I think) that it’s “more than $2,000″. Which is fabulous!

  • No need to apologize, I know everyone is crazy busy!  That’s just super news though.  I knew she really outdid herself on that raffle this year.  :-)

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