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New Feature

In response to a request from one of our commenters, I scoured the web until I found a way to allow images (photos) to be inserted into comments. I found a WordPress plugin that supports this capability and have installed and configured it. (WordPress is the software on which this blog is built, a plugin is a piece of software that modifies the basic functionality of the base software, and a very smart fella by the name of Tom Wright wrote the Easy Comment Uploads plugin.)

I’ve got it configured so that only registered users can incorporate photos into their comments; this will guard against spam comments with spam photos (e.g., pornographic images — this is, and will, remain a genteel blog!). At the very least, I’ll know who inserted unwanted images into their comments, can disable them, and can delete or edit the offending comment.

At present, only JPEG images, GIF images, and PNG images are permitted. I might try to expand the repertoire a bit later on (perhaps to support videos, even sound recordings) if there’s any demand for it, but I suspect that 99.9% of the images you’ll want to upload will be JPEG images anyway.

The way to use this new feature when you’re commenting on a post (or on a previous comment to a post) is to click on the “Browse” button below the comment text box and select the image file on your computer that you want included in your comment. When the preview of the image displays, you copy the code below the image filename (e.g., [img.../img]) and paste it into your comment. When you’re done with the comment, just click Submit Comment as usual.


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9 comments to New Feature

  • Trudy's Mom

    If we’ve been able to post comments, does that mean we’re registered users?  Or is there something special we need to do to register?  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have yet not found the Browse button of which you speak.
    There’s nothing urgent I’m dying to upload, just curioius for future reference. :)   By the way, nice pix from the Beehive Cluster!

  • Cheryl,
    Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’ve got the blog set up so that anybody can leave comments without logging in, which makes it convenient. If you want to add photos to your comments, though, you’ll have to be logged in. In the left sidebar, you’ll see a heading that reads “This ‘n’ That”. The first link under that heading should be “Register”. Click on that link and follow the directions. Don’t forget to keep a record of the password you chose, so you can use it to log in some day when you want to upload some pictures in your comments.
    Hope this helps!

  • OK…since we are asking questions about new features…this one goes to Trudy’s Mom and Marie…How did you both get your pictures to come up before your comments?

  • Trudy's Mom

    Oh, Patti, I wish I could remember for you! I know I had to go to another site and set up an account and choose an avatar. (Since I didn’t know about blue Pandorans way back then, I chose my blue merle! LOL)  I’ll try to comb through the info on my computer and let you know the site name.  Trudy’s picture also appears on at least some of the other blogs I comment on (not that that there are a lot–I’m more of a lurker.)  I haven’t noticed any adverse effects of visiting the site.

  • Trudy's Mom

    Patti, i went to  The site is particularly friendly to WordPad blogs, if that makes a difference to you.  I look forward to seeing what your photo would be!

  • Trudy's Mom

    Arrrgh!  I meant, friendly to WordPRESS blogs.  Hey, it’s 1:53 AM on the East Coast…cut me some slack. LOL  I’m going to bed.

  • DeBoys and Me

    Thank you for the information, I will give it a try.  Hope you got to sleep in a bit this morning :)  

  • Look Cheryl…you taught a new trick to an old person…that was easy.
    Thank You

  • Oh…I should have introduced DeBoy’s to everyone…Brutus is on the left and Tytus is on the right. 

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