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Two Adoptions, Two New Kids (Need Names), Another Sheltie Waiting to Come Here, Jim in China, and I'm Searching for a Hole I Can Hide In

With 18 dogs and while Jim’s gone it’s easier for me NOT to try to drag most of the Sheltie-kids upstairs putting some in crates and some not, and sleep in our soft, warm, wonderful waterbed.  Especially when I know that puppy, Tigger, is going to wake me up any time between 4:00am and 7:00am to go potty and I’ll have to stumble around to find pants, shirt, and shoes, at least, to get him out.  Keep in mind that we had snow yesterday morning.  So I’ve been sleeping on the couch in the family room with most of the dogs around me either in crates or on pads.  For whatever reason, it’s not a good place to get great sleep so I’ve been dragging.

We’ve had three adoptions that are great placements. Ellie-Rose, the child of a divorce situation and a wonderful girl, was adopted by Kay who also owns Murphy.

Our beautiful color-headed girl Aria, whose real name is Amie, was adopted to a wonderful couple out of Montana, who are also trainers.  The perfect place for her — she’s going to have the chance to really show what a great Sheltie-girl she is with these wonderful people.

Our third adoption was tiny Porter.  He’s been with us the longest of all these adoptees and he always slept with me so that’s been a hard one.  But really, they’re all hard because I love and miss Aria (Amie), and I knew that in the right environment Ellie-Rose would be cherished — and the follow-up call from Kay confirms that she is very much loved.  I just hope Kay takes weight off of Murphy and maintains Ellie-Rose’s weight loss while with us.  There’s supposed to be a way that I can order these photos so that they flow with the text but I haven’t figured it out yet, though I’ve tried.  I wanted some of the photos not to be a part of the gallery (grouping of photos) but that too is turning out to be harder to do than expected.

The difference in the household with only 15 dogs left…yes, really, ONLY 15, was huge.  I even considered sleeping back upstairs in the bedroom.  It’s much more manageable – something to enjoy because it’s fleeting — we’ve got one very over-sized Sheltie waiting to come here and then the call, asking if we’d take in two puppy mill Shelties.

Yesterday I was supposed to get our two new Sheltie-mill kids, imports from the midwest who were going to be euthanized.  I don’t know the details on how some of these kids get to Utah.  But I was supposed to meet Heather Franc at around 1:00 to 2:00 to pick them up.  A change in schedule meant that I had to meet her at 5:00 at PetCo in Draper.  Which I did…now Jim, in China is on a time schedule that is off from ours by about 14 hours.  It boils down to that he calls me in the morning (his time) at around 5:30pm our time.  He’s just woken up or he’s just had breakfast and we chat a bit.  When he gets back to his hotel, after the day’s meeting is over and his group has gone out to dinner and returned, Jim calls me before he goes to sleep which is about 8:00am or so, my time.

So I get back to the house with our two new Sheltie-mill guests.  I have to get each of them out of their crates in the car, up the stairs (they’re hardly going to follow me and they’re probably not going to walk on a leash), and settle them into the bathroom on our main floor, which I’ve decided is going to give them a chance to breathe, have some nice bedding, and a tile floor to use in case they are not on the same potty schedule we’re on — if they were ever on any schedule at all.  So the “Barbara Bus” jumps into action and I bring the little girl upstairs first.  As soon as I get her situated in the bathroom I check my laptop to see if Jim has tried to Skype me…and indeed he has!  Oh no!  Will I be able to get him before he leaves his hotel room to go off to his meeting (somewhere in the hotel)?  So I tell Skype to start dialing him while I run back downstairs and get our new Sheltie-boy out of the car in the garage and carry him upstairs and deposit him with the little girl, in the bathroom.  I make sure they have plenty of water and hope they like their new little apartment.  Boy!  Do they smell!  A bath is needed asap for each of them.  I apologize if this video makes you dizzy…the little girl has a thing for moving and circling.

Puppy Mill Shelties

Back to my laptop…and I hear the sound, even before I get there (the kitchen table) that indicates that Jim is calling me.  Great!  He WAS wondering where I was and WHY I wasn’t available at our usual time to talk — so I explained.  We chatted while the rest of our crew here — already assembled in their crates in the food room — complain because dinner has been served yet (normally at 5:00) and obviously, tonight it’s going to be later than usual.

To remedy my difficulty getting a good night’s sleep (and my need to lose weight) I started working out again…30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 11% and rpm of 2.7.  Yesterday was my second day in a row of working out and I was dead tired by 9:00pm. But still, I slept terribly!

On the great news side of things, Peyton’s angel is still looking after him with another box of wonderful goodies especially suited to Peyton.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Peyton is feeling special and is enjoying all the attention.  The duck jerky treats, the duck biscuits, and the adorable duck, frog, and chimpanzee toys that make the noise representative of each animal has definitely gotten his attention (and everyone else’s too)!  Our home has a feel of being a zoo but now it also sounds like a zoo! Peyton is just loving being showered with all these wonderful goodies that help him to know how loved and special he is.  I don’t know if it’s the high quality duck treats that Steve has sent or the Figuerola PetSaver supplement that I started using when I realized that Sage’s liver failure wasn’t improving, but Peyton’s coat and skin are looking great.  The little bit of hair loss that had started on his muzzle has gone away and there’s no indication of any sores anywhere.  I’m sure the quality nutrition is a contributor but I’ll also say that I love this Figuerola supplement which I use with all the dogs.

Steve and his Mom may come out to Colorado or to Las Vegas and make a stop here in Utah to visit with Peyton.  We’d be thrilled to meet them in person.  Jim is going to have knee surgery on June 11th so it’s not clear when next we’ll get out to Florida to the boat – and our next insane adventure there.  If we haven’t met Steve before then, we’ll definitely plan to meet Steve and his Mom when we’re in their neighborhood.

There are so many people that I’d like to send thank you notes to.  So many people that I’d like to call or email…(which I’ve now begun to avoid even though I really need to pay attention to it).  But really, right now all I feel like doing is pulling the blankets over my head and wishing the world away just for a little while.  – Barbara

Thank goodness that Cindy Wilkinson runs a successful raffle for us and Patti Gilbert is dead set on winning a challenge to net us significant cash — which we’ll need.

On this day..

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4 comments to Two Adoptions, Two New Kids (Need Names), Another Sheltie Waiting to Come Here, Jim in China, and I’m Searching for a Hole I Can Hide In

  • Nicole S.

    What you are doing is amazing! Wish I was in the State of Utah to help foster…but I am down here in Missouri! These babies are so lucky to have wonderful people that have saved them. I have 2 rescue Shelties. Both are 9 and from Puppy Mill situations. Its very sad but rewarding to help them overcome their fear of humans and almost everything. I adopted both of them in their senior years and they are wonderful babies.
    I enjoy reading your blog and love checking out your facebook page!
    Good luck to you and all of the babies.

  • Just reading the TITLE of this blog entry made me need a nap!  I hope your days get easier, but I doubt it, not with two new puppies!  You are a saint!

  • Harleysmom

    You do a marvelous job Barbara and Jim!  I think about you every day and love you both. 

  • We are very alike! I just want to tell you about what happened with me, A few weeks ago I saw this little puppy trembling (from cold) in a garden, he was thrown away, dirty and stayed there for days without anyone asking for him.So I got him home, vaccinated him with a reputable doctor, cleaned him and kept him for a few days. And then I put his picture on facebook and one of my friends took it and now he has a good life!
    I named him Sparky, because he was hyper-active, and I couldnt keep it for myself because I already have a dog and they would always fight over food.. I love dogs..

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