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Paxton Needs a Home

Paxton 2010 Face Close-up












Paxton is a 20 month old pitbull mix who lost his owner due to a sudden and unexpected death. Despite Paxton’s strength and appearance he is not only very loving but also a bit sensitive. It takes Paxton a little time to get to know each person. In this way he’s kind of like a Sheltie but without the long Sheltie coat and smaller size. When Paxton first met me he was friendly but also a bit perturbed by my presence. He didn’t like my direct eye contact (not surprising if he was not yet comfortable with me) and barked at me as if to let me know I shouldn’t take it for granted that we’d be friends. I was still being evaluated. By the end of the hour together with Paxton and a close human buddy of Paxton’s, Kathy, he seemed to be more accepting of me. You’ll see from this video that Kathy and Paxton are very comfortable with each other. Paxton takes a treat from Kathy’s mouth at one point. Kathy has known Paxton since he was a little puppy and has stepped in to make sure that Paxton goes to a good home rather than ending up in a shelter, possibly to be euthanized because of the many pitbull mixes that end up there.

Paxton 2010 Shaking Paws

Paxton knows how to SIT, Shake Hands, and he can also open up a water bottle or soda bottle. I’ve been told that perhaps this might not be as cute as I think it is. He knows WAIT a bit, also. As a strong dog he’ll need to respond to commands very reliably and quickly. He needs to learn DOWN and LEAVE IT would be good too.


Paxton and Kathy 2010

Kathy does a trick with Paxton where she puts a treat in her mouth and Paxton takes it from her mouth.

If anyone knows of a great adopting home for this handsome boy please have them call Barbara at 801-942-4762. Thanks!

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