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Sleeping Arrangements

For a number of weeks now, Barbara and I have been sleeping on separate floors of our 3-story house. Most of the time, she sleeps on the couch in the family room on the main floor, while I (if I’m not out of town somewhere) usually sleep in the bedroom on the upper floor. We miss one another! It ain’t right…but it’s being done to help preserve our sanity and some shreds of sleep.

The problem is that we have a puppy and a bunch of not-completely-housebroken dogs living with us. And they tend to want to get up with the sun to go potty. We’d prefer them to go potty outside, not on our carpets or in their crates. But we don’t like getting up at “oh-dark-thirty” every morning.

So Barbara’s chosen to sleep downstairs with the majority of the dogs, which allows her to get up and let out those complaining the worst, then fall back asleep for a while longer. She might have to let two or three batches out, but she does manage to get a few extra winks of sleep between outings.

I’ve tried to alternate with her so she could get some nights in our comfortable waterbed, but the bloody couch is about four inches (10 cm) too short and I can’t stretch my legs out. I feel really badly about this, and am willing to sleep on the floor if necessary, but Barbara insists that she doesn’t mind (too much, at least) this arrangement.

When I go up at night, I take Star and Abby with me, as well as Tommy on most nights. Star usually sleeps on the floor next to the bed or on one of the big pillows we have positioned against the bed, while Abby sleeps on the bed somewhere fairly close, but not so close that my tossing and turning keeps her awake. Tommy really prefers to sleep near me (on the floor…he gets uncomfortable in the waterbed) when possible, although he will on rare occasions insist on sleeping downstairs with Barbara. Sparky often likes to go up with me, too, because he perceives being in the bedroom as a special privilege reserved for the best dogs. And, many nights, I like for Jodee to come up with me as well.

At first, Jodee wasn’t a good candidate for this, because she wasn’t very well housebroken. In fact, she still has an “accident” once in a while…probably when she hears other dogs going outside but she can’t get out of the bedroom, downstairs, and out with them. But more recently she’s been pretty reliable, so she gets to come up with me more often.

And she really loves it. At first, it bothered her that her puppy-buddy Tigger wasn’t nearby, and she thought maybe playing with toys was the point of the exercise. But lately she’s gotten the idea that sleeping next to her daddy on the waterbed’s a pretty good deal. Last night, she slept right next to my head; I could lean my face against her side or her hip for most of the night.

Still, I’ll be awfully glad when our numbers go back down (we’re at 19 today, expecting two more tomorrow, and more next week) and Barbara can move back upstairs to sleep in the same bed as me!!

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