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I Slept With Jim Last Night!

This post is going to be a mix of what’s new in Sheltie Rescue and what’s up with wHPIM1334here we sleep at night.

First, here’s a photo of Jim with his new and improved knee! (It’s the naked one.)

Last night I slept upstairs in the bedroom with Jim and Tommy, Skyler, Lucky, Jill, Tigger, Star, Abby, Jodee, Peyton, Sparky, and Storm. Of course, Zen Cat was in the bedroom with us too. In bed with us were Jodee, Star, Abby, and Zen Cat. Storm kept getting up on the bed and looking at us but I asked him to get off and he did (he’s such a good boy!). For me it was great to be near Jim all night (at least until 6:00am) and to snuggle into our waterbed. Whenever I had a mini-awakening during the night, turning over or something, I kept thinking how good this felt.

I slept upstairs last night because today we’re getting two weekend guests…Kalvin and Buddy, who are Sheltie Rescue alumni. With this addition to our household it’ll be easier to manage everyone with most of them being near the door to the backyard — meaning I’ll be sleeping back on the couch again. We usually see Kalvin and Buddy several times a year.

It’s especially touching for me to see Kalvin for two reasons. Kalvin’s somewhere between 14 and 16 years and going strong. It’s great to see him doing so well at his advanced age. Secondly, Kalvin was saved by a woman named Iris. He had been brought to the Humane Society in SLC by his family and proceeded to nip people at the shelter. They knew he was just scared but it was getting difficult to keep him out of trouble (being euthanized)…so Iris found us and we agreed to help Kalvin right away. He was desperately in need of a dental and other medical attention all of which may have contributed to his ornery behavior. Iris has since passed away of lung cancer. But not before I came to love and respect her.


This is our new girl, Honey, who was turned over to us by the Humane Society. I sure wish in her case that we could find out who her vet was. She has a mass or tumor under her tail near the base of her tail. We’ve been told that she has skin allergies and needs cortisone injections because benadryl didn’t work. I’m not seeing skin allergies at least not in the form that I’m used to seeing them. I found the tumor and we’ll see what we can do about that when we visit with Dr. Cortisano at Cottonwood Animal Hospital on Saturday. What I do see on Honey is that she’s been licking her feet and her vaginal area so much that the hair in all these areas is deeply discolored. Her nails are way too long and could be causing discomfort for her feet resulting in licking. I don’t know if you can tell from the photo below but Honey is very overweight. She probably will weigh in at about 50 lbs. HPIM1327

The first night that Honey was here I thought I heard someone among the dogs throwing up. Most of what I heard turned out to be Honey licking herself so aggressively that she was making a lot of slurping sounds. In the morning I checked her mouth. Her teeth are in great shape. Her gums looked unusually red and they were sticky indicating that she was somewhat dehydrated. That surprised me because she’s eating meals just fine. It turns out that this was probably just related to her being stressed both by being at the shelter and then coming here and needing to adjust to us. I had already started her on an allergy diet having been told that she has skin allergies. She’s on Hills Science DD Duck and Potato with which I’ve had the best luck in dealing with allergies which can be extremely difficult to work with. Her appetite is very good. I tested her gums again later in the day and they were no longer sticky. So perhaps the stress of losing her home (she’s supposed to be 6 years old) combined with a lot of licking and panting dehydrated her somewhat. I think I brought her home on Tuesday.

HPIM1339To get my first photos of her I had to work hard. She didn’t want to stay still at all and she didn’t want to look at me. Here are some photos I got today of her sweet face and her discolored feet. The dark coloring on her feet is not natural dark color — it’s a dark stain from her saliva.



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3 comments to I Slept With Jim Last Night!

  • Harleysmom

    Allergies…food allergies and?  Who knows, but have her checked for a vaginiitis or something else, but she’s definitely got allergies..

  • Sounds like a party in the bedroom! LOL!  Poor Honey!  She’s overweight so someone was feeding her, what happened to her family?  Glad Jim’s knee is recovering!

  • Sheltiemom

    Super Sheltie Slumber party!!! You sure had your paws full that night. Hope Honey finds some relief from whatever is causing her to lick herself so often.
    Also read your knee repair story and saw the pictures from the hospital. I had stomach surgery for GERD and a hernia (both!) on the 15th of this month- a laproscopic nissen funduplication- that’s why I’ve been away rfor the past few weeks. Glad to read your recovery is going well. Mine is too.  

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