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Not Only Survive But THRIVE!

I had been looking at the Sheltie Rescue of Utah website for months and had been too late to adopt several dogs.  When this picture was emailed to me,

I fell in love immediately. It broke my heart to know this beautiful little girl had been living on the streets in sub-zero weather, dragging around a broken leg that she couldn’t use! When she came to SRU, everyone was amazed she had survived on her own, given the shape she was in. I was so inspired by her tragic story and amazing spirit to survive because I am a survivor, too. Several years before, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Despite a dicey diagnosis and with lots of love and support, I beat the odds.   

I was drawn at a very deep level to share Chloe’s WILL TO LIVE and overcome obstacles. Because her leg had been broken in several places and not attended to, the vet felt amputation was the best option for her. The amazing people at SRU saw to her surgery and her recovery. Then, it was time for Chloe and me to meet. Chloe was very timid when my husband and I met her. She slowly warmed up to me when I sat on the floor with her. Finally, she let me touch her. Even though I knew there was a special connection between us, she was so shy when she first came to live with us. She would put her head in a corner and pretend if she couldn’t see us – we couldn’t see her.  Chloe bonded with our other dog, Rustler, first. She looks up to our Border Collie like a little sister looks up to a big brother. She follows him everywhere! When they lie down, she likes to lie so she is touching him. Slowly, my husband and I became her humans.  A few months after she came to live with us, we planned a boating trip with friends. She loved the boat, beach and the kids! She became best friends with a five year old girl. Since then, these two fast friends have had many happy times together. Today Chloe gets around great – because of her amazing fur coat people don’t even notice she has only three legs. She has changed my life and opened my heart to so many possibilities.

I hope to share our story of beating the odds by training with Chloe as a therapy animal team. I want people to see that, despite the odds; you can not only survive, but THRIVE!


Susan and Chloe Hamada

Draper, Utah

Sheltie Rescue of Utah has entered this story into the HEARTWARMING STORY CONTEST being conducted by The Animal Rescue Site.  Susan thank you for sharing your story with us and the world.

Here is the link to the submitted story:

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9 comments to Not Only Survive But THRIVE!

  • I’m glad you got her!  She’s just where she is supposed to be!

  • Chloe is such a lucky dog to have met you. She is lucky enough to be taken good care by people like you. She looks cute especially with her long, gray fur. I also felt sad for Chloe  the first time I saw her because I immediately noticed the missing leg. I can’t imagine how she survived despite having only one leg. Anyway, the story was very touching. I bet Chloe is extremely happy now and she could never ask for more.

  • What a wonderful story and new beginning to a great life for Chloe.  It does indeed look like she has ended up exactly where she belongs!  :-)

  • Kathlynn

    An inspiring tale is just the sort of thing I like to read about here. May she bring you any happy years!

  • Great story!  Thanks for sharing it.  Diana

  • kathy

    I am sobbing sitting here, just makes me feel so good to hear the strength of this little girls spirit and the size of your heart for loving her and helping this little girl out and sheltie rescue for the time and love and money they put into these dogs that have landed on hard times.  —kathy from CA

  • Orlando DUI

    I’m happy because Chloe is on your side now. She’s a lucky dog and inspiration for other survivor out there. No wonder that other people will amazed of Chloe and they will love her easily. Chloe, suffered alot of pain but still, she managed to survived, despite of her broken leg.

  • Project Management Courses Calgary

    It’s amazing how she survives even at her worst condition. And lucky for her that you adopt her. And I think it is lucky for you also to have her in your place. I think she is an inpiration in your part. Anyway I really like it when someone like you has a ken heart for animals. Keep it up.

  • It’s tryly an amazing story, tears were in my eyes after reading it. Chloe is so lucky to have you and what a fantastic dog she is!!!

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