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Who's Looking for Love at Sheltie Rescue of Utah?

Here’s a 9 minute video with most of the Sheltie-kids we have here and I think I’ve gotten in all the new kids except for the two girls who arrived yesterday. I think I’m a bit rusty on the video’ing so please bear with this effort… – Barbara

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6 comments to Who’s Looking for Love at Sheltie Rescue of Utah?

  • How many do you have now?  I loved the video.  Of course I want them all.  Hopefully Bitsy and Colin get to stay together!  It’s obviousl they love each other.  And Jake is such a sweetie, as is Sandy.  Ahhh……Katie even let me watch this with the sound on.

  • Trudy's Mom

    I love watching the videos you post, Barbara, but it reminds me of a question I’ve had for a long time now.  On the other site for Sheltie Rescue of Utah you (collectively) have listed the same 5 dogs for a long time.  Wouldn’t it be a help to list all the dogs available on the official site for the organization?  I know that probably means more work, but couldn’t other members of the organization help with writing some of the “bios” for the dogs, to take some of the pressure off of you and Jim? 
    I hope you (or other members of SRU) don’t take this as criticism from someone who hasn’t experienced what you all have.  I admit my only connection with rescue is having adopted Trudy through Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue, so I’ve never dealt with running such an organization or fostering or multiple visits to vets…or maintaining “a life” as you and Jim manage to do.  You two ARE rock stars to me!

  • Sheltiemom

    Okay, I’ll put in my two cents worth as well…This video is a great way to introduce a perspective adoptive parent to their future “sheltie precious”…lol
    Looking back at how my husband found Sassy 2003 on your original website, he was very interested in getting me to contact you after seeing his picture AND reading the short description along side it. It was the description of Sassy which motivated him to give me a loving and very persuasive speech about adopting another sheltie from a shelter in honor of Star, our sheltie puppy, that died after being run over by a passing vehicle a few days earlier. It had been only a few days since I’d witnessed this tragedy and was still processing it when we met with Sassy at our home. While I enjoyed the video, it likely wouldn’t have motived me to get in contact with you as quickly as I did after this difficult incident.
    As you know, Sassy helped heal the wounds of my loss and the rest is a history!  ;- )
    BTW: Certainly nothing I type here can ease the pain of your loss of those two precious shelties who died recently.

  • Dawn: Lucky you, getting to watch with the sound on. Katie’s such a good girl!
    Cheryl, thanks for your comments—we definitely don’t take them as (unwarranted) criticism. You’ve been very supportive and we take your comments in the spirit in which you intended them. We know that we’re very, very far behind on the SRU website (assuming that you meant and we have good intentions of bringing it up to date. If we’re lucky, we’ll find some time this week or weekend to update it. And thanks for your much appreciated compliments, too!
    SheltieMom, we also appreciate your comments. Thanks for reminding us of the value of the single-dog photos and descriptions. It’s easy for us to overlook how helpful that is to prospective adopters. It’s just more encouragement for us to spend the time needed to bring the website up to date.
    Thanks to all of our readers for your on-going and invaluable support and encouragement!

  • DeBoys and Me

    We would love to help, please give us a job.

  • Trudy's Mom

    Loving the new pix and write-ups on the furkids!!! :)

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