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Mouseketeer Roll Call

OK, I want to write something to post, but I don’t have much time. I got home a little before noon today from a business trip to California and I leave tomorrow morning for a week in Lyon (France) for another business meeting.

So, here’s the list of who’s in the house right now:

  • Star (ours)
  • Abby (ours)
  • Jodee (ours)
  • Tommy (blind, deaf, double-merle, carting Sheltie)
  • Sienna (puppy mill survivor; been here a long time, may never be adopted :( )
  • Jett (puppy mill survivor; Sienna’s daughter; been here a long time, may never be adopted :(   )
  • Bitsy (tiny senior girl, cute, puppy mill survivor)
  • Colin (sweet but shy boy, cauliflower ear from attacks, puppy mill survivor)
  • Sandy (large, very sweet girl, possibly with some Border Collie in her)
  • Murray (absolutely lovely boy, very loving, and in size as well)
  • Sport (large, almost Collie-sized Sheltie, extremely sweet and affectionate, very laid back)
  • Katy (young, oversized Sheltie with a Collie-like muzzle, very playful)
  • Brandy (young, slightly oversized girl who’s a bit on the shy side)
  • Gabby (a really cute young girl, a mix of some sort)
  • Shellie (a smallish girl who loves people…other dogs, not so much; might have mild dermatomyocitis)
  • Honey (an average-sized, but a bit overweight, girl who wants to be loved, but is a little grouchy at times)
  • Jake (an older boy, a little shy, but loves attention)
  • Missy (a miniature Schnauzer whom we placed; she’s just here for a short visit while her mom & dad are traveling)

Yes, the house is rather crowded and more than a little noisy with 18 dogs. It’s not the most we’ve ever had (24 or 25), but it’s more than enough. We’ve got some potential adopters in the wings, and we recently placed Storm with a couple who drove down from Montana to adopt him!

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