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Trevor Found in the Middle of the Road in Ogden or Here's a Good (Expensive) Deed for which Sheltie Rescue Got Screwed

Little boy Trevor who we came to find out is ten years old was found on a rainy day in September laying down in the middle of the road with no indication that he was going to get up and go anywhere.  The young couple who found him brought him inside their home and out of the rain.  They were appalled at his condition.  He was obese and his teeth were in horrid condition which they suspected was the reason he wasn’t eating.

As it turned out little boy Trevor was pretty far away from the place where he lived though at the time, the couple who found him didn’t know that.  They only knew that this little boy was so tired and weary that he just wanted to sleep somewhere out of the rain.  In the meantime they worked very hard to try to find his owner.  They called animal control who scanned him for a microchip and found nothing.  However they wouldn’t let animal control take him even though they wanted to.  They put up signs in the neighborhood and even went door to door asking neighbors if they had any idea who owned this dog.

This is a photo of Irene and Erin the really sweet people who found this Sheltie-boy and then made it their business to find someone who would take him and make sure he got the medical attention he obviously needed.  They found Sheltie Rescue after being unsuccessful at finding his owner — however they were pretty adamant that they felt the owner shouldn’t be able to get Trevor back after allowing him to go so long with his teeth in such awful condition.  Irene is in tears and Erin is on the verge of tears in this photo because they’d already fallen in love with Trevor (we gave him that name) and turning him over to Sheltie Rescue was hard on them.  They barely had enough money for gas but they drove Trevor from Ogden to Sandy and we met at a McDonald’s just off the highway.

Look closely at Trevor’s teeth in this photo.  Some of them are actually horizontal!  You can’t see it but the rest of his mouth was also in dire shape and he needed a dental badly.  After watching him at home for a day (Sunday) it was obvious that he was house trained and just a very sweet boy who clearly was thrilled to be in a house.  I gave him what I give to all unknown seniors who arrive here in poor shape — 1/2 tablet of famotidine (anti-acid) and 1/2 of a 5mg hydrocodone tablet.  One hour later I gave him 1/2 of a sucralfate to coat his tummy in preparation for feeding him (an hour after the administration of the sucralfate).

The only thing I try to feed dogs with mouths that are in bad shape is canned or liquified foods.  I usually add something really enticing like chicken (Gerber or Beeches Baby Food Chicken, Turkey, or Beef if freshly cooked breast isn’t available).  Sometimes I mix chicken (I keep cooked chicken breast in the freezer almost all the time) with Gerber Rice or Oatmeal Cereal for Babies.  What’s nice about using these boxes of baby cereal is that all you need to do to prepare it is add water.  This is especially good because you can make it as soupy as you want and it’s another way to get water into a dog which is especially good if they’re eating minimal amounts.  Very often I will also warm the food just a little bit.  This enhances the aroma providing more motivation for the dog to eat and reduces the possibility of cold foods being painful on exposed roots of the dog’s teeth.

In this photo you can also see what a handsome boy he is — isn’t he?  Beautiful!

On Monday I scheduled Trevor for a comprehensive blood panel and, if all was good, a dental with IV fluids which make the recovery much easier and faster.  His dental was either on Monday or Tuesday because I realized how badly he needed it.  They extracted 22 teeth.  Dogs have 44 teeth.  It was a major dental and they kept him overnight so they could provide better pain control and monitor him.

So where did everything go wrong?  I kept thinking that Trevor had wandered off from someone and wondered about trying to find his owner.  I decided to scan him myself just in case he hadn’t really been scanned.  It was reported to me that he’d been scanned but who knew for sure?  I scanned him and lo and behold there was a microchip!  I was really surprised.  I called the microchip registry.  He hadn’t been called in as lost.  That was curious.  The owner was identified as Loa Bright (or something close to that).  I got the address and phone information but it all turned out to be obsolete.  We were able to verify that Trevor was in fact ten years old.

Now for all of you who don’t like Facebook this might make you think again or confirm your dislike.  I decided to use it to see if I could find Ms. Bright.  I emailed someone who seemed to be the possible owner.  In fact, it was.  She called me and wanted to get her dog immediately even though I was at that time in the car and bringing a different dog in for veterinary care.  Jim was leaving the next morning at some inhuman hour to make a 5:00am flight (or something similarly painful).  I talked to Ms. Bright and told her that Trevor had been in terrible pain with his teeth the way they were and we’d fixed it.  I told her we needed to discuss re-payment of the dental bill.  I asked her to hold off until I’d gotten Jim off to the airport the next day.  She agreed saying she understood completely.

That same night around 9:00pm our doorbell rang.  When I answered it the Sandy police were there…great!  Actually, the police were excellent and handled the whole thing very professionally.  We understood the owner’s right to her dog and I told the two police women at the door that we had no problem with that.  I explained the entire situation to them.  They had been diplomatic enough to have the owner, whose driver’s license had been taken away some time ago, wait down the block with her friends who’d driven her here.  We told them they could come up to the house and we would bring Trevor outside.  I gave her the medication he was taking, Clavamox, an antibiotic for his after care after having so many teeth removed and so much bacteria let loose inside his body.  I asked her if she would sign an agreement to pay for the dental whether over time or whatever.  She refused.  The police were standing there and watching everything.

Jim came out of our house carrying Trevor who’d taken a real shine to Jim…well, it was pretty mutual.  He put Trevor on the ground on a leash.  Loa or whatever her name is, kneeled down but Trevor didn’t want to go to her.  We all noticed this…it was very sad.

The police women had made a point of telling us that they both were dog lovers and one mentioned to me that she had more than the legal limit.  They were trying to let us know that they weren’t interested in evaluating our personal situation but rather just resolving the ownership issue around Trevor.

We thanked the police women and I later called their sergeant to commend them for their professionalism.  Loa Bright never thanked us or the police.  When Loa walked off she had to pull Trevor to get him to go along with her.  He kept looking at Jim.  The neglect of this dog is cruel but it’s not anything that can be pursued legally by animal control in Ogden based on a complaint from Sheltie Rescue or me personally.  His life will certainly be shortened by his obesity and I doubt that he will get anymore veterinary care.

I must be lucky enough to deal primarily with good people and ethical people because it’s rare that I encounter people like Loa Bright.  It was a rude awakening for me.  I know the next time a dog comes to me so sick and so neglected I will think twice before contacting the negligent owner.  Perhaps most people are, unlike Loa Bright,  honest and ethical.  I can hope…but I’m not sure I’d bet a dog’s welfare on it.

On this day..

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3 comments to Trevor Found in the Middle of the Road in Ogden or Here’s a Good (Expensive) Deed for which Sheltie Rescue Got Screwed

  • This is so wrong.   But don’t let one bad experience change your perspective.  Most people that chip their dogs would be devastated to lose them.  But I agree, if you find one that has obviously been neglected, well, maybe it’s best not to try to hard to find the home that neglected them.

  • BluvsJ

    Dawn…I can’t tell you how long I paused before hitting send on the email I sent to Loa Bright.  I told myself that I might come to regret sending this email but that it was the right thing to do.  Ultimately I thought about how I’d feel about losing any of the dogs here.  But nobody here has been in terrible need of medical attention and in pain.  It may have been the right thing to do for Loa Bright but not for Trevor…

  • Morgan

    Oh poor poor Trevor :( I feel for you. If only we can turnback time and erase the part where you got in touch with his owner. But I guessthat really was the most sensible thing to do. My heart is so filled with griefon how pitiful Trevor’s state is. It’s like he is living to suffer. He doesn’t deserveto suffer like that. It makes me wonder why his owner is so bent on taking himback when she clearly have not been taking proper care of him. Please do postit if you hear any news of Trevor again…

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