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Toilet Paper Terrors

Here’s the real Toilet Paper Terrors. Bad Mom that I am I’m going to give up their names…that little face you see is Bitsy. She’s the Mom of the other kid in the video, Colin. They arrived here very connected to each other and we’d really like to keep them together. Colin is a gentle soul who loves to be near me and cuddle. Bitsy is a hoot, adorable, and overflowing with personality.

Colin developed a mild tummy upset on Thursday night.  Friday morning I woke up to a bathroom (where Bitsy and Colin sleep) that had poop all over it with one soft pile in the middle.  Someone, probably Bitsy, had been running around in circles through the poop and all over the bathroom.  Makes for a fun addition to the morning when I’m trying to get dogs outside to go potty.  Turned out that cleanup wasn’t so bad after all.  The bathroom tile floor is easy to clean and the rest of the stuff consisting of area carpet and dog beds went into the laundry.  Yeah for my washing machine!

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