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Two Collies from Ephraim – One’s a Color-Headed White Female!

Two Rough Collies, one male and one female were found as strays in two different locations in Ephraim.  When brought together at the dog shelter it was apparent that they knew each other.  We can’t help but wonder if they know Nell who was found as a stray, at around the same time, in Salt Lake.  Nell is much older than these Ephraim kids who appear to both be in the range of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years of age.  The female appears to be a rare color-headed white Rough Collie, relatively small in stature as Rough Collies go.  I’d estimate her weight at around 50lbs.  She is a very sweet girl.  Around her eyes and on her nose it’s evident that she has a commonly seen skin problem in Collies.  A skin biopsy of her nose is needed to determine exactly what is going on, on her nose.  It looks like a type of pemphigus.  The type is important so the biopsy needs to be a good dermatological biopsy.  Many of these conditions can be cleared up with antibiotics.  The skin changes around her eyes is probably related.  It’s possible that she has Collie skin syndrome, which occurs in more than 90 or 95% of all Collies.  It’s extremely prevalent and it’s hard to have a Collie without this disease.  In many cases it can be easily managed but it is a lifelong medical issue.  The female’s teeth have some tartar on them and need cleaning.  My bet is that there is actually a connection between her unusual coloring, dental tartar, and skin issues.  One condition that contributes to both the dental tartar and skin problems is very poor diet and general care.  The male Rough Collie is quite a bit larger than the female.  He is a very handsome mahogany sable and white color.  His teeth look great.  His eyes and nose show no signs of any skin problems.  He is sweet and friendly.  I will be spending more time with them when I go over to microchip them probably over the weekend.

Two Collie Kids from Ephraim Possibly Headed to Denver!

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