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Look at these Collies Play in the Snow!

I stopped by foster Mom Julene’s house today to microchip our two Collie-kids and I was amazed at the difference in them now that they are acclimating to being in her home and having her yard to run in and her miniature horse to marvel at.  They are definitely younger than originally thought.  They were full of life with big smiles on their faces, loving the snow, and playing with each other.  I wasn’t sure how I’d get them to stand still to be chipped but they have such lovely personalities that it was a breeze.  I hardly needed them to be held while I injected the chip.  When they knew I wanted to do something they just stood still for me.  They are so friendly and loving it’s just wonderful to watch them.  With me was a new Sheltie boy from the local Humane Society (not the evil HSUS) who is a fantastic companion boy, well-trained already, 6 years old and also full of life, named Darby.  He was so happy to see a house, be inside a home, and then in a backyard to play – it was great to watch him transform from the trembling boy in my car to the happy boy playing in the yard.  The female Collie kept enticing Darby to play and he was definitely up for it.  Some of Julene’s older Sheltie-kids were out there with us and unfortunately the Collie-kids were so rambunctious that they weren’t always careful of where or who they stepped on.  But in general, everyone had fun in the snow.  Darby is home with us now and he walked into a big crew of Shelties here without any indication of stress.  The great news is that our adopter in Denver has consulted with a Collie breeder and their vet and decided to take both Collie kids.  Watching them play today it was even more obvious that these two Collie-kids have been together.  When I went to microchip the female (she was first) the male squeezed his body between her and me.  Now he might’ve be wanting me to do whatever I was doing to her to him or not knowing what we were suddenly doing to his companion, he might’ve put his body in between us to be protective of her. That’s what it felt like when it happened.

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