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Wonderful Adoption Tonight for 2 Collies from Ephraim – Sugar and Rocky!

Bob and his son Robbie drove in from Littleton, Colorado.  Mom Karen stayed home with Rough Collie Cooper awaiting their new family members and making things ready.

On Wednesday of last week I got a call that these two Collies were in danger because the shelter they were in, in Ephraim was way overloaded.  Nearby rescue groups were also overloaded and they were all desperate to find somewhere they could send these beautiful Collie kids.  Although they were found in different parts of town the staff at the shelter soon realized that these two Collies knew each other.  They are most definitely pals.  AND…they know SIT and DOWN so somebody was working with them.  As Jamie of Waggin Train said, if only they could tell us what happened to them.  I missed most of the email requests…how many social communication methods can one person keep up with?  This is crazy!  But someone called me from California and asked if I could help…so I said yes.  I talked with Jamie and she arranged transportation to Salt Lake City ahead of an incoming snow storm.  Julene and Kevin Mathews were fantastic for jumping in and fostering these kids because, they arrived here the very next day on Thursday!  I can’t say I was really prepared so I was very grateful to Julene and Kevin.

In the meantime I was told that a potential adopter had contacted Jamie and she was going to refer him to me.  That was Bob who you see in the photos below on the left.  That’s his son Robbie on the right.  Bob initially was interested in adopting one Collie — the male.  When he heard that these two were a pair that knew each other and were bonded, it took no time at all for him to decide to adopt both of them and keep them together.

Watching these two Collie kids bounce around the two connecting rooms that Bob and Robbie had booked at the Motel 8 here in Sandy, in order to give the Collies lots of room to move around, it was obvious how bonded these two kids are.  I’m so glad they’re going home together with Bob, Robbie, Mom Karen, and new Collie brother at home, Cooper.

Don’t these four look like they’re having a blast?  You should have seen how happy these Collies were when they got into the rooms and just leaped onto the first bed they saw.  They started rolling around on the bed like they’d done this before and were jubilant at being in a bed again.  They jumped on and off and rolled around on the bed and dug their muzzles into the sheets on the bed and then nuzzled each other.  Rocky, the male, likes to grab the legs of Sugar, the female, to play.  And wow did they play.  Around the time I got the paper work done they had started to settle down a bit.  Julene had been good enough to let them romp outside for several hours before I picked these kids up and brought them over to the Super 8 to meet Bob and Robbie.  Bob and Robbie had arrived from Colorado at around 6:00pm and went to dinner.

I got over to them at about 8:00pm, having forgotten collars and leashes on my first trip over to Julene and Kevin’s house to pick them up — can you believe that?  A rescue person without spare collars and leashes in every car!  I should be ashamed!  Anyway, I lost time running back and forth between my house and Julene and Kevin’s place.  Luckily we’re not too far from each other.  So I got home around 9:30pm which is already past my bedtime…but the whole adoption was so wonderful I just had to blog about it.

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