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Welcome Darby to SRU – Who Would Give Up this Great Kid?

Darby arrived here from Salt Lake City Humane Society when they called us to take him and offload them.  He has unusual coloring in that he’s a mahogany sable and white with merling which is the grey and white coloring seen on merles.  We call him a sable merle in terms of his colors.  Darby is 6 years old and obviously a great family member.  Who would give him up is a huge mystery because he’s a wonderful boy.

When I first put him in my car he was shaking.  What  a scary thing that shelter must have been for a home-boy.  We arrived at our first stop, a small store.  He wanted to come with me but at that point I was worried about his potentially being a runner so I couldn’t let him come out with me and even if I could, I was going into a food store.  When I returned he was eagerly awaiting me and was comforted by my being back in the car with him.

We pulled up to the home of a friend and wow…Darby was suddenly very happily excited.  Did he think he was going home?  We brought him inside and then into a great backyard filled with recent snow.  By now Darby knew this wasn’t home but whatever it was, it was so much better than the shelter that his spirits were lifted and he was prancing around in the snow.  At that point I was focused on the Collies and getting video for their potential adopter so I wasn’t trying to get video of Darby…just letting him enjoy being free of the shelter.

Darby came home with me and with great confidence and little indication, if any, of discomfort, joined the

group of 20 Shelties already in my home.  Wow, what a great temperament!  Not readily shaken but very ready to integrate into our household.

That night Darby joined the group of Shelties sleeping in the bedroom.  There was no keeping him off of the bed although I tempted him with a fluffy big pillow next to my side of the bed.  He found a spot and that’s where he sleeps.

This is a family-ready, loving Sheltie boy, neutered, vaccinated except for rabies, I believe, and ready to be spoiled in a forever home.

I took this photo to try to show Darby’s merling in patches throughout his mahogany sable and white coat.

On this day..

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