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This beautiful boy was brought to the West Valley shelter by someone who said he found him along with one or two cats just abandoned.  Upon further investigation the West Valley folks found out that Gabe was registered to the man’s wife and was trying to avoid the drop-off fee.

We don’t know why he was relinquished – possibly a divorce situation or illness.  Sheltie Rescue was aware that a woman suffering from a particular terminal disease had a young Sheltie. Gabe might possibly have been that Sheltie.

The man relinquishing Gabriel thought he was older than he is.  We estimate his age at about 3 years.  This makes us think that he wasn’t much involved with Gabe and that Gabe was most likely his wife’s dog.  In addition, when Gabe first came to us and even somewhat now, he shows signs of being worried about what we’re doing with our hands when we reach for him.

Gabe is an oversized Sheltie with a soft temperament.  He’s wonderful!  He gets along well with other dogs here, is very good with our cat, but may not be hardy enough for children unless they’re older.

Gabe currently sleeps in the bedroom with us in his own crate which he seems to like.  I have allowed him to sleep uncrated too.  He still goes into his crate as a nice quiet place that’s just his.  We had an accident one morning and I suspected it was Gabe…though it’s hard to know for sure.  So I’ve resumed crating Gabe overnight.

When Gabe first arrived here we discovered he wasn’t at all familiar with stairs.  Although he can go up and down stairs now, he’s still not confident about them.  He tends to rush up the stairs stepping on or knocking over anyone or thing in his way.  He does pretty much the same thing on the way downstairs.

Gabe is a good eater.  He’s a little on the thin side.  I don’t know if that’s because he was poorly fed or if in fact he’s even younger than three years of age – and is yet to grow out of youngster-hood and fill out.

Gabe has a habit that whoever adopts will want to avoid encouraging.  When I put him in our office and close the baby gate to keep him in, he barks at me.  I used to turn around to see what was going on or what he wanted.  Well, I think I was doing EXACTLY what Gabe wanted me to do…turnaround and come back.  If I walk away without turning to even look at him, he stops barking.  Forewarning to future adopters…don’t  indulge this call for attention unless you want to turn Gabe into a barky baby.  Otherwise, Gabe seems somewhat quiet.  I’ve heard him bark outside a little bit but not very much.

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