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Play Time...At least until I turned the camera on !

object>Play Time! Oversized Sheltie-boy Gabe loves to play as does little boy Colin. The one ear that looks deeply tipped on Colin, his left ear, was injured a long time ago before he came to us. It’s permanently folded into that position. There are still photos of Gabe along with his story of how he came to us at T…he short version is that he was brought to a shelter by someone who said he was a stray but shelter officials discovered the dog was registered to his wife. Colin came to us from a puppy mill, along with his Mom, Bitsy. Luckily, these two mill Shelties have rehabilitated more easily than many others. These two boys are both loves.

Tucker is a sweet boy who is shy and fearful. He is special needs only in that he needs a patient and loving owner who will take the time to help him blossom. He’s a striking boy. We are working with him. He came from a home where he was living outside and we are still working on housetraining him. He is interested in learning, wants to be a good boy, and wants to bond.
By the way, when I say that Snickers was being starved I didn’t mean by the shelter he came from. His owners relinquished him to that shelter. There’s no doubt in my mind that whoever owned him was starving him before turning him over to the shelter.


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