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Bobbie Pyron's Book Launch for A Dog's Way Home

These photos were taken before the book launch actually started. Standing at the door opening on one side of the doorway (photo on left) into the presentation room is Bobbie and on the other side of the door frame is Susan Hamada, who introduced Bobbie.  Susan is the proud owner of a rescued Sheltie named Chloe who survived being lost, injuring a leg that eventually was amputated.  Like Chloe, Susan is a survivor, but Susan survived brain cancer.  Chloe is now a certified therapy dog!

Susan did a brilliant introduction that everyone loved, comparing Bobbie to a Sheltie, in the sweetest way possible.  It was funny, sweet, and true and everyone enjoyed what Susan had to say.  It was a perfect introduction to the presentation that followed which had everyone spellbound.

Here’s Susan during her introduction with Bobbie reacting and enjoying the introduction as much as we all did.  Although I’m not sure that Chloe, to the right, is as interested in the introduction as she is in the room overflowing with people.

Ah…and here’s Bobbie at the podium first talking about her previously published book, The Ring, and the process that brought her to writing her new novel, A Dog’s Way Home.  It was an excellent presentation.  It was evident that the whole audience was riveted on what Bobbie had to say.  But this was nothing compared to how the audience responded when Bobbie read from A Dog’s Way Home.  Spellbound is not an exaggeration.  It was certainly true for me.  We were all hanging on every word wanting to know what would happen next.  The story is full of suspense and at the same time, is very moving.

We have some video with audio of Bobbie’s presentation.  I’m still uploading it and haven’t yet seen what’s been captured.  I’m hoping to have some clips that will give everyone a good idea of what we enjoyed on Saturday.

Here’s Bobbie signing books.  There was a long line of folks purchasing A Dog’s Way Home and waiting on line to have Bobbie inscribe each book.  I couldn’t believe how long the line was.  Bobbie says that she enjoys talking with the people buying her books and answering their questions.

People (below) from left to right, Shanna Wilkinson and her seizure alert Sheltie, Holly, who’s also an agility champion.  Barbara Edelberg, Bobbie Pyron, Jim Melton, and Susan Hamada.

Shelties in front from right to left, Susan Hamada’s certified therapy dog, Chloe, Darby – a rescued Sheltie who came to Sheltie Rescue of Utah 2 weeks earlier, and Tommy – a rescued Sheltie who’s blind and deaf from birth.  Great group photo!

Bobbie Pyron with her book, A Dog’s Way Home

and Shanna Wilkinson with Holly.

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