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HELP! Foster Homes Needed March 20/21 to April 5th


Need temporary foster homes for 3 dogs. One well-behaved lab mix and 2 Sheltie-girls. The girls do best as the only dogs in a home. They are all incredibly loving and sweet. Call 801-942-4762. Foster period: 3/21 to 4/5.  If you can help or know of someone who can please call us.  Thanks very much!  Below is info and photos of the dogs.

All three of these kids are very well trained and well house-trained.  They want nothing more than to play with you, cuddle with you, and love you and be loved.  We will provide food and whatever is needed while you care for them during this approximately 2 week period.

This is Sandy who can literally hug your legs with her forelegs.  That’ll give you an idea of how loving she is with people.  She has a funny relationship with other dogs – getting along just okay with some and not so well with others.  She really is a people-person!   Despite her appearance we’re told that there were papers to show that she was a purebred Sheltie.  She is oversized but wow,  can she curl up small!  She’s about 6 years old and generally calm and quiet.  Well behaved and very responsive to people.  Sandy is incredibly smart.  We believe she has some Border Collie in her background like from a great grandparent or something because of the way she moves and her eyes.  Sandy has the MOST large, round, expressive eyes.  She watches and learns from her environment…very quickly.

Scryer, the guy with the hat on, is a very mellow Lab mix about four years old with a great temperament.  Scryer is well trained and very responsive to people.  I think that Scryer is especially intuitive.  He can get into a tiff over food with another dog but never gets aggressive with people.  Scryer loves nothing better than to cuddle with people.  While he’s mostly calm and quiet he can be very playful with toys, fetching, playing tug, and rolling around on the floor.  He has some great relationships with other dogs here however we have one male that for some reason, has a problem with Scryer or vice versa.

This is Shelly, purebred Sheltie-girl of small to medium height.  Shelly knows how to sit and down and is very well house-trained and she’s as sweet and loving as she appears to be…a real little doll.  She was given up because of a medical condition which is completely under control and only requires daily medication which, of course, we will make sure you have during the foster period.  Giving medication to Shelly couldn’t be easier because she is such a good girl.  Her condition is not contagious.  It affects her skin and coat and from what I hear, it was so bad at one point that she was almost completely hairless.  So you can see that with the help of a veterinary dermatologist, this little girl has come a long way.  Shelly is about 6 years old.

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