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Eight minute video of who's here now.

3 comments to Eight minute video of who’s here now.

  • I came over to see how things are with you guys.  You have some lovely pups there!  Any luck getting some into foster?  I feel so bad that you’re struggling with so many. 

  • Dawn, thanks (as always) for your concern and support. We still do not have any new foster homes, but we’re working on ways to find some. We do have a couple of promising potential adopters, which will be extremely welcome if they pan out. As you will see in my most recent post (and Barbara’s tweet), we had to help a sweet, lovely Collie cross the bridge this afternoon, which is a huge emotional drain. But that frees up a Collie foster home for another Collie that’s waiting for one :-\

    And I see in Barbara’s recent tweet that one of our adopted Shelties has gotten lost, which may mean that we spend tonight and the weekend out searching. Sigh…

    Seriously, if anybody has quaaludes, we need ‘em!

  • Funny how this happens. We had two dogs one was my heart dog Starbuck. Starbie and Tyke were both ereldly boys (14) and we had them put down together. Starbie was blind and was having trouble finding his way around, and Tyke was ill. My husband and daughter brought them to be euthanized and they both sat on the stairs of the clinic, bawling together. I couldn’t even bring myself to be there. It brings tears to my eyes even now to think of it. Although we thought it wouldn’t happen, another dog followed and when she was gone, we swore there would be no others. And now there are two! Penny is our standard poodle. She smiles and when she does, we can’t help but laugh. Ginny is our Jack Russell Terrier. I call her our joy dog because she always makes me laugh especially when she is leaping around the house with frenetic energy. They bring such joy to our lives, joy that I would not give up for the world! Prince is darling!!!!!! What a precious gift! Enjoy him!

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