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Abandoned 1 1/2 Year Old Collie Female - Sammy

Hi, my name is Sammy.  I’m 1 1/2 years old and I’ve been living in the backyard.  My family which consisted of some kids that I really loved, lost their home.  They moved out and left me and the kitty in the backyard.  They tried to find a home for me but they are having enough trouble finding a home for themselves.

I didn’t know all about this until the neighbor lady who has a dog that I play with sometimes, figured it all out and explained it to me.  She thought she might be able to help me out for a little while but she’s starting a new business making and delivering gourmet foods and meals so she already has her hands full.

I am house-trained.  I know SIT and I can give you my paw and shake hands.  I’m your typical sweet and goofy Collie.  I weigh about 60lbs.  I will need a fenced yard.  At one and a half year old I’m still just a puppy/teenager so you should expect me to be pretty active.

If you can help Sammy or if you know someone who can, please email us at or call Barbara@801-942-4762.  Thanks!

I'm ready to play whenever you are!

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2 comments to Abandoned 1 1/2 Year Old Collie Female – Sammy

  • Sandra Cochran

    I live on 5 acres an hour south of Las Vegas with a large fenced back yard. We have 3 shelties and a larger male(soon to be fixed) dog who we believe has border collie and german shepherd in him. He goes riding with me and we have a blast. Our dogs come in and out as they please since we put in doggy doors-2 because we have a back door and then one for the door for the laundry room. If we had the money & a vehicle that could take us to Utah we would grab that beauty Sammy in a heart beat. We have so much room for rescue dogs,love to go around but we are on a fixed income and gas is just too high for the drive to Utah. I would rescue a dog here in Vegas but they want 400 dollars and I’m sorry-my horses and dogs need to eat. I feel so defeated wanting to help but because of the economy we are only able to look at the dogs and dream that they could come and be in our family.

  • She’s beautiful!!  I wish you lived closer to Key West Collie’s Dog Dad….his young boy collie went to the rainbow bridge unexpectedly the end of May….

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