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Lad Goes to His Forever Home!

Beautiful nine year old Lad who loves to lay his head on a lap and be loved has gone home to Twin Falls to live with Kim, her husband, and their 21 year old daughter Samantha.

This family are Sheltie lovers and lost their previous Sheltie a year to a year and a half ago and finally felt ready to have a new Sheltie-kid in their life.

They were specifically interested in the special joys of an older Sheltie like Lad.  With all the Shelties here it wasn’t an easy choice but Lad stood out and stole their hearts.

Lad is an over-sized Sheltie.  Sometimes these Shelties are harder to place because many times people are looking for a small sized Sheltie.  But with a beautiful spirit and a flashy prancing gait, Lad won over his adopters’ hearts.

Lad arrived in his new home Saturday afternoon.  His family had already purchased the same food he was eating at Sheltie Rescue.

I was using a mix of Blue Buffalo for Mature dogs and Science Diet for Mature dogs…I prefer the small bites because smaller bits of food are more digestible than large chunks of kibble.  They’d also bought him a brand new bed.

Samantha cuddling Lad while Mom fills out the adoption paper work.

Lad will be an integral part of their family.  Husband, Kim, and Samantha help run a family business where they canwork from home although at times they need to be away from home.  Lad is expected to spend a maximum of only three hours on his own.

We sent home a senior wellness panel done at Cottonwood Animal Hospital along with a heartworm test which was negative.  This was important because Lad, earlier in his life, had become infected with heartworm and was treated for it.

We were preparing Lad for a dental given that these tests all showed good results…which they did.  So Lad will have to depend on his new vet, Connie, to handle his dental.  He’s expected to visit with her next week.

It was sad to see Lad go because when it comes to sweetness Lad is all sugar for his people.  Lad is not that interested in other dogs.  Lad lives and breathes for his human family.

Lad needed to be in an adult environment partly because of his age and partly because he needs a very gentle touch.  Lad is a bit frightened of being hurt and protective of himself.  With people he knows and in a familiar environment, Lad can relax and focus on his mission in life..loving his people.

On this day..

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