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Lost Sheltie in Pasadena


Runaway Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) or Aussie (Australian Shepherd), mostly black and white (“Tricolor”) with white stripe on face. Got out of backyard on Sunday, June 26.  Wearing a red collar and red leash at the time of escape, also has contact information and yellow microchip tag attached to collar. LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE LASSIE IN BLACK.  NEEDS MEDICATION ASAP.

Very shy, was just taken out of a Pasadena shelter, does not respond to a name yet, does pay attention if you click your lips or say CHICKEN or CHICK CHICK – loves to eat roast chicken.

Might hide under a bush or in a corner or a nook.  Likes other dogs. Not aggressive at all.

Seen on Tuesday 6/28 at 1:30 at Stagg & Genesta, then at 4:00pm at Cantara and Amestoy (near Louise and Roscoe, south of Roscoe and East of Louise) but could be anywhere. If you see him, please call Eva Saks at 818-787-9353 or 917-863-7402 immediately. Please do not chase him – he will run.  If you possibly can, please put down smelly food for him to keep him in area. (Anything smelly –  chicken, bacon, burgers…doesn’t have to be dog food!)


Eva                  Eva                  Eva                  Eva                  Eva             Eva           Eva

818-                 818-                 818-                 818-                 818-            818-          818-

787-                 787-                 787-                 787-                 787-             787-         787-

9353                9353                 9353               9353                9353            9353        9353

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