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We’re Up, We’re Down, We’re Running All Around

I’m in the middle of about 10 different tasks, so this will be brief.

Yesterday morning, a woman who’d fostered Scryer for a month or so with the intention of adopting him (but had to leave him with us for an extended period while she joined her military husband in Texas) came over to introduce Scryer to her husband, newly transferred to Utah. Scryer and Dave (the husband) got along famously, and Scryer went back to Utah County with them for a month foster/trial. Unless something totally unexpected happens, Scryer’s got his new forever home! Hooray! (And we’re down to 21 dogs!)

An hour later, however, another woman came by. This woman had lost both her son and her husband on the same day due to a tragic accident and its aftermath, about 6 months ago, down near Las Vegas. She lost her home as a consequence and has moved to live with her daughter in Salt Lake…with her four Shelties…in a small room…in a house with two very large, somewhat dominant “mushers”. She was bawling her eyes out as she told us how one of the “mushers” decided her oldest male Sheltie, Guy, was getting too uppity and nearly tore him into three pieces. Guy’s doing OK, now, but his safety was in jeopardy, as was her other male, Sammy. Feeling she had no choices left that would allow her to keep all four dogs safely, she asked to relinquish her two males to us. They are lovely, sweet, quiet, and loving boys who will be neutered next week. (And, now, we’re back up to 23 dogs.)

This morning, Barbara went out to pick up Jett at the vet’s (Jett had, for the second time in three days, removed the stitches that she had as a result of surgery on Friday to remove two mammary tumors!) and also to meet a woman from Vernal, UT, who brought us another un-neutered male Sheltie from the Vernal animal shelter. We’ve named him WYSIWYG (pronounced “wissywig”, or “Wiz” for short), as his name was formerly “Whizzer” and we didn’t want those implications ;^) (That brings up to 24 dogs.)

Just as she got home, though, a woman from Wyoming arrived for an appointment to meet some of the dogs. Her last Sheltie passed away at the age of 16 just a couple of months ago, and she felt ready to consider meeting new Shelties. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours visiting with her and introducing her to several dogs. Tucker, in particular, was amazing and made tons of new progress on socialization! In the end, she decided to adopt a fairly new boy, Laddy, with whom she really hit it off. Her finances didn’t permit her paying our usual adoption fee for a dog as young and healthy as Laddy, but she would provide such a perfect home for him that we lowered the fee to make this work. When they left, Laddy was grinning from ear to ear, and so were we. (And that brings us back down to 23 dogs.)

Net result of the weekend: Up one dog, from 22 to 23. And now I have to go to the vet’s to pick up Jett (who wasn’t ready while Barbara was there) and WYSIWYG (who stayed there to have a senior blood panel done).

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