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No Comment (Is One Really Needed?)

3 comments to No Comment (Is One Really Needed?)

  • THey must have a website where we can comment.  Let’s all go there and tell them what we think of their choice.

  • Trudy's Mom

    Not that I’m on Vick’s side at all, but I live adjacent to the region of Viriginia where he grew up.  Normally our local media would be all over this story, and this is the first I’ve heard of it.  Has anyone checked this out on Snopes?? (I should have before starting this, I know.)  If it is true, Subway has lost a loyal customer.

  • MandaBear

    I posted this on facebook and Julie wrote this as a comment to the picture:
    “I actually wrote to Subway and told them I wouldn’t be eating there, which is true because I can’t eat there anyway because of being gluten free now, but they did respond and said that they actually didn’t have any choice of who was picked, but that they were co-sponsors of the award that was given, but had no say as to who it was awarded to. I told them that I appreciated their response but that the responsible thing to have done would be to pull the sponsorship.”
    so yes, this is, sadly, true.

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