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Happy Adopted Rescue's

With my new assignment as Foster Coordinator, I have been receiving lovely replies to my introduction email checking on the status of all foster homes that are list on my list.

Here is one of the replies I received from Char Pierce. She had started out fostering these beautiful sheltie’s — three fosters at first, but now look how HAPPY they are knowing that this foster home became their FUR-EVER home.

JACKSON                                                     SARAH BETH                                              SHELBY

Char — Thank You for being there when these three need you and I am sure they have given you more back than you could have ever imagined.   Thank you for being a graduate of SRU’s “Foster Homes”.                                                                                                                                              Your babies are BEAUTIFUL.

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3 comments to Happy Adopted Rescue’s

  • Char

    This is so great.  My kids look gorgeous and I’m excited that other people will be able to see them.  You are awesome. 

  • MandaBear

    Hey Char! These are GREAT pictures of the kids! I hope all is well with you and the babies. I need to get together with you sometime because I believe I still have a key to your house and I will no longer be petsitting due to an unexpected blessing Ian and I welcomed into the world last year.

  • BluvsJ

    Patti – this is a wonderful post!  Char – the kids look terrific!  I miss you! I’m thrilled to see your comment here!  I’m surprised and really happy that Patti has made this happen.  And Char…if you think you know cute you MUST meet Amanda’s baby girl.  If you haven’t seen the photos that Amanda has posted (of course she’s the cutest and sweetest in person) you’d love them!  We’re definitely missing your skills here Amanda but I think what we miss the most is your dry wit/humor.  Amanda has a great way of relating events.

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