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Foster Homes Needed Aug 7 through Aug 27 for the Sweetest Sheltie Kids

Jim and I are going to try to take a kind of vacation.  Really, we’re just leaving town to go work on our sailboat in Florida.  It IS a change of pace and I like that part.  We DO worry about the dogs all the time and stay in close touch with our pet sitters – pretty much daily.  On the boat we’ve always got a lot of work to do – installing new gizmos, re-wiring, cleaning, trying to find where we stored parts and tools and food and pretty much anything you can think of.  When I first get there I have to go looking around for where our sheets and pillow cases are so I can make up the bed.  The next morning I’m trying to figure out where my lightweight tank tops are or where our fleece pullovers are – depending on the season. Trying to figure out where my clothing is, is actually a lot like being here at home although I have a much smaller area to search on the boat.

But we have TWENTY-TWO (22) shelties in the house with two more waiting to come here.  We have two wonderful prospective pet sitters.  I’d hate to burn them out on the first pet sitting job.  We really want to get our numbers down if not by finding great adopting homes then by finding great foster Moms and Dads who will love and nurture a spare Sheltie from August 6th or 7th (I leave before dawn on the 9th to join Jim) through to August 27th.  We get back on the 26th but the airlines have been known to cancel flights so we just want to make sure the foster kids are covered.  We will provide all the food needed and we’ll make sure medical support is at hand, if needed, at any time, day or night seven days a week.  Foster homes in Salt Lake County would be MOST helpful but we need quite a few foster homes, as you can tell, so all offers of help will be very, very welcome.  Please reply to this post or send email to  Here are some of the kids that need a temporary Mom or Dad.  There’s not one that you’d regret having in your home.  They are all indoor dogs and must be cared for that way.

Sir Guy (Guy) in the foreground and Sammy laying on his side goofing around with the vet tech who took their temperatures and helped get them through their senior wellness panels. Guy is 8 years old and Sammy is 6 years old. Guy was attacked by a large male dog about a year ago and doesn't do well in that situation anymore. Sammy is a bit shy but will warm up quickly. These two have grown up together and are comforted by each other's presence but don't need to be placed together. In fact, they may do better separately.

Adorable, ancient, but fairly active and busy for his age, this is the very good natured Rio. He's obviously used to being in a home and getting his way. He has no teeth! He was just recently neutered and he tries to inform other males that "he's still got it going on" by nudging them and trying to boss them even though he hasn't the strength or teeth to fight with anybody. Everyone going into foster care or adoption is always neutered or spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm medication.

This handsome chap is Sport. He is as wonderful in personality as he is handsome. He’d make an excellent therapy dog. While Rio is a small sized Sheltie Sport is oversized but very well behaved. He’s about 8 years old now and is another fairly active kid. He’s generally quite calm and content to lay by me while I’m working in the kitchen or at my laptop. But when it comes time to watch TV or go to bed he likes to leap onto the couch or bed and roll around on it just deliriously happy. Both Rio and Sport have very happy natures.

This is Cinnamon. She’s an older girl estimated to be around 8 or 9 years of age who came to us when her owner passed away. Since then she’s been put on thyroid medication, lost a lot of weight, become much more active, and is wonderful with people of whom she doesn’t get enough. She really wants and deserves her own person even if it’s only for a few weeks. Cinnamon has an easy going personality although if another dog jostles her she’ll let them know she didn’t appreciate that. Cinnamon will get a dental when our Shelties who are more seriously in need of a dental are done and we have more funds. Cinnamon is a very easy girl to integrate into a household – a gentle soul who just wants a hug and a bowl of food twice a day (with her medications, of course!).

For those who feel they could benefit from more humor and excitement in their lives I highly recommend the non-stop duo of Collin, pictured here, with his Mom, who is easily 9 or 10 years old and is one of the smallest Shelties we've seen. Colin has the typical sweet and loving disposition of a male Sheltie. He's probably around 5 or 6 years old. Colin is Bitsy's son. Between the two of them they sometimes get up to a little mischief. After meals, when they've really enjoyed themselves, they get to playing in the cutest way. I've tried to video them quite a few times but every time they see me with the camera they stop. Trust me on this, their playing will lift anyone's spirits and make you re-think that last argument you had with your Mom. These two are very tightly bonded and we want to keep them together.

Bailey on the left is a very small Sheltie girl about 6 to 8 years of age with such bad arthritis that she cannot go for walks on a leash. This may change with wonderful care bu we don't know. Bailey also is still learning to be house trained but darn it! – if there's a potty pad nearby she will find it and use it to pee. On th eright is Lady who is very well house trained, on thyroid medication, and losing weight. Both girls are much more active than when they first arrived here. They are comforted by each other's presence but are not tightly bonded. Bailey cannot do stairs because of her arthritic joints. Lady can't do stairs yet although her joints are in great shape – we don't want her weight to stress those joints. The girls came out of a very sad situation with a Mom who was slowly dying and unable to care for herself let alone these girls. The result was that they were neglected for a long period of time – but they loved their Mom. These girls are sweet, gentle souls who desesrve a lot of TLC in their lives now.

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