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What Happened to Sheltie Rescue/Jim and Barbara?


So, Jim left Utah for Florida.  He single-handedly sailed our boat to Snead Island Boat Works. They hauled our boat out of the water in preparation for a bottom job.  While the boat was out of the water we were going to get a survey done – it’s required every three years.  While Snead Island was working on the bottom Jim flew to a conference in Canada.  The plan was for the survey to take place when Jim returned to Snead Island Boat Works – so he could be there with the surveyor.  This can be a very informative exercise and Jim wanted to get the most out of it.  After the survey was completed, Jim was going to sail the boat back to our dock which is pretty much a day’s sail away.

In the meantime, as most people know, I was working to find and start training pet sitters.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to meet a very intelligent, willing, and caring dog person who’s interested in pet sitting and even volunteering extra time to Sheltie Rescue. Her name is Sara and I can’t say enough good things about her.   I thought I needed a second pet sitter to cover some time that Sara was going to be in New Hampshire so I began working with a second pet sitter who insisted that even though she was a vet tech, she wouldn’t leave us high and dry if a vet tech job came along, after she committed to pet sitting dates.  Thankfully I expected her to bail and thankfully I was really uncomfortable and unimpressed with her – because she bailed.  I hope she does a better job for whoever she is working for, but I doubt it.

Snickers on the left gently playing tug with Abby

Snickers on the left gently playing tug with Abby

At the same time I was agonizing over what might be wrong with Snickers and what I should do to address whatever’s going on with him.  I’d had him in and out of the vet’s office trying to figure it out.  Was it going to be possible for a pet sitter to care for him while we’re gone or would I need to let him go before leaving on August 9th even though if I were home, I might still be fighting to help him get past (if possible) whatever is going on with him.

At the same time, to prepare dogs to go into foster homes for the 2 1/2 weeks that we’d both be in Florida, I began a series of about six dentals with senior wellness panels, and heartworm tests, neuters if needed, one hernia repair, two mammary tumors removed (which turned out to be much harder than expected because the wound wouldn’t stay closed), and one eye tumor removal.

This way, we could tell foster families a definitive status on their foster Sheltie and there’d be recent records at Cottonwood Animal Hospital in case a foster needed emergency care.  Foster families wouldn’t have to worry about pain due to conditions that we could address.  Many of these dogs needed to become stabilized in SRU’s care before being a candidate for any surgery at all.

Back to Jim:  While Jim was in Canada attending all day meetings he got a call from Snead Island telling him that we needed a HUGE bottom job.  But even before they could start on that, the boat needed to be out of the water for 3 to 4 months to allow the bottom to dry out sufficiently for them to do this MEGA bottom job. Well, this changed everything.  If we worked with Snead Island and got out boat bottom done as they were suggesting, our whole trip to Florida needed to be canceled.  The only reason we go to Florida is to live and work and sometimes sail on the boat.  We agreed to change our plans.  Jim would go to Florida for the survey and then fly home.  I wouldn’t leave Utah at all.

Snickers at Cottonwood Animal Hospital – We're in a room waiting for the doctor to come in.

This was a huge relief  because at that moment I thought I was in trouble not having that second pet sitter.  But even more so, I could focus on Snickers.  At that point he was barely eating despite my offering almost anything you can think of.   I was trying to decide if I should go ahead and spend the $400 to $500 on an ultrasou

nd for him or let him go.   At least I no longer had to decide what to do before leaving town on August 9th.

In the meantime too, we’ve had several foster-to-adopt situations and even a few adoptions.  But I’ve been so distracted and so worried about Snickers (I love this gentle soul so very much.) that I’ve basically been ducking emails, facebook, and twitter.  But I still answer the phone!

More to come on Snickers, fosters, and adoptions!  Yeah!

On this day..

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1 comment to What Happened to Sheltie Rescue/Jim and Barbara?

  • That’s all exhausting!  I hope you get good results for Snickers…it’s so hard.  But the good news out of all of this is your push for foster homes may result in getting some of the fur kids out to homes so you don’t have so many living with you?  And maybe some adoptions too?  I hope so!

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