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Where to Start? Adoptions, Intakes, & Losses -- Collie-Girl Sally's Adoption

New Collie Mom Sondra with Collie-girl Sally. I love those smiles!

Sondra getting used to having a big girl like Sally by her side.

It’s hard to know where to start, because so much has happened recently. But I have to start somewhere

Sally is a purebred Collie who was picked up as a stray by Salt Lake County Animal Control.  They called us to come in and take her out and into the Sheltie Rescue program.  Proven Collie foster Mom – Lorie Roemer – agreed to meet me at the County shelter to take Sally home and foster her.  Lorie and I were sitting in the hallway waiting for someone to bring Sally from her cage.  We looked up and saw a dog that looked like a Collie looking very depressed and kind of middle-aged or older with her head down, shoulders hunched, and almost slinking towards us on a leash.  Our mutual reaction was, OMG, what a sad looking Collie-kid!  Our initial thought was that she might be between six and eight years old.

Imagine our surprise when we brought her into an auditorium, away from the cages and public, with another Collie that Lorie is caring for named Rosie, and some treats.  That small, old, depressed looking Collie very quickly had her head up, ears up, and was searching for the bag of treats on a table in the room and greeting us with enthusiasm.  Not only that, but the bounce in her step now looked very much the step and skip of a youngster! The transformation was amazing even though we’ve seen many depressed dogs come alive when they get into a home environment and/or with someone who is attentive and loving.

A lot of veterinary care was needed for this Collie-girl.  A dental, a spay, heartworm testing, microchipping, kennel cough medication (she was sneezing blood the first day at home with Laurie!), and finally a visit to an eye specialist to diagnose a right eye that was completely blind due to some unknown trauma in her short (approximately 2 year) life so far and a very mild indication of Collie-eye in her left eye.

Laurie had the big task of managing all of these health issues as well as house-training Sally, naming her, and getting Sally used to living inside a home and being a somewhat well-mannered Collie-girl indoors and with the cats that Laurie owns.  At first, Sally wanted to chase down each of the cats in the house — which the cats no way appreciated!  They were terrified and moved into the basement!  As time went on a detente was reached between Sally and at least one of the cats.

Then Sondra came along with her daughter Jill and Sondra wanted to meet Sally and possibly adopt her.  This video takes place on adoption day for Sondra and Sally.  We are so happy for this pairing and can report that not only is Sally being polite with Sondra’s cat but is adapting to life in Sondra’s home very nicely.  We love it!

Almost forgot – my favorite photo of Sally! This is Sally who tore through a screen to get to her foster Mom who was outside. Sally had only been with Laurie a few days when this took place.

Click here to see the video! Adoption Day for Collie-Girl Sally and Mom Sondra!

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