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The Kennel Cough Club – Lockdown in Cell Block 9!

The Kennel Cough Club! Front row left to right: Tommy, Jake, Sport. The little girl in the center behind them is Bailey. The tri-Sheltie to the left of Bailey is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). To the right of Bailey with a wide white blaze is Sammy. To the right of WYSIWYG and behind Sammy is Lady. Lady probably has the worst case of kennel cough in the group so we're watching her closely. In the very back and barely visible is Colin.

In case life hasn’t been exciting enough with major pneumonia taking Cinnamon away from us much too soon, Sir Guy needing a very expensive procedure to remove stones from his bladder (which could just come back), and Tommy needing a tumor removed from a parathyroid gland, we now have 8, EIGHT Shelties with kennel cough.  Thank goodness the treatment is straightforward.  Doxycycline twice a day with cough medicine and/or hydrocodone to keep the coughing itself, minimal.  This is important because we don’t want dogs coughing so much that they develop a secondary problem – which does happen.  Cinnamon’s pneumonia may have developed due to the aspiration of something – this is the vet’s speculation because of the location in the lobes of the lung that the infection was present and because of the speed with which it developed into a life threatening pneumonia.  But this started with a cough that I recognized as kennel cough.  The next day Bailey started coughing and confirmed, in my mind, that we were dealing with kennel cough.  After that it’s been a regular parade…each day another one or two Shelties are coughing.

I hope you’re all aware that you can purchase doxycycline without a prescription, if needed?  Aqua Doxy is sold in 100mg

Inmates of an area of the house we jokingly refer to as Cell Block Nine. This is just a temporary location for these eight kennel cough kids so I could get photos of all of them together. Normally nobody is in here although it's available to use for one Sheltie if feathers are getting ruffled and it's needed for the safety and well-being of the dogs.

capsules for use in aquariums and doesn’t require a prescription.  This 100mg dose is appropriate for our larger/heavier Shelties but not for 25lb Shelties.  You can easily google the dosage.  But because this over-the-counter doxycycline comes in a capsule rather than in tablet form, I wouldn’t attempt to cut it down to a 50mg dose which IS the right dose for smaller Shelties. Just in case you’re wondering, I got the meds for these eight Shelties from our veterinary clinic who were kind enough to charge me for just two of the eight bottles of doxycycline needed.  I do keep Aqua Doxy on hand though in case I realize it’s needed and it’s late at night or on a Sunday when the clinic is into Emergency Room hours and quite a bit higher prices on everything.  Be sure to google for the best price if you decide to buy some.

So now we’re up to eight kennel cough cases here and the dogs involved, in the order in which they showed symptoms, are: Bailey, Lady, WYSIWYG (an acronym for What You See Is What You Get), Sammy, Colin, Jake, Sport, and today, Saturday, Tommy is coughing.  Lady’s case is the worst which doesn’t surprise me because we’ve been holding off on doing a dental for her because we’d like her to be a bit healthier and more stable.  She’s doing beautifully but her lesser ability to cope with kennel cough than the other 7 dogs is reflective of her

Inmates of Cell Block Nine. The Kennel Cough Club Membership is Closed and Won’t Accept Any New Members!!!

need to further recover from her past life before putting her under anesthesia.

On this day..

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6 comments to The Kennel Cough Club – Lockdown in Cell Block 9!

  • Wow.  Everything you do has to be done in such multiples…too bad you can’t get your own reality show to help pay for it all!

  • MandaBear

    When did Tommy have a tumor removed? Is he doing ok now (aside from the kennel cough of course).

  • Amanda, Tommy has not yet had a tumor removed. But he’s been diagnosed with a tumor on one of his two parathyroid glands. The diagnosis came from routine blood work, in which they found elevated calcium levels, which an external lab found is tumor-caused. We won’t know until after the surgery whether it is malignant or not and, if so, whether they can get it all. He’ll probably have to stay in hospital for several days, perhaps a week, while they get his calcium levels re-balanced. We’ll probably schedule the surgery for late this week or some time next week.

  • MandaBear

    I just saw this. How is Tommy doing now?

  • He’s doing very well, Amanda. He’s been in a very good mood lately, so I suspect he’s feeling better since his surgery. The tumor turned out to be benign, and the vet’s sure that he got it all, so that’s no longer a worry. However, he will be taking calcium supplements (actually, Tums!) for the foreseeable future — possibly for the rest of his life.

  • MandaBear

    I am so glad he is doing better and that it was benign! You know how much Tommy means to me.

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