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Sheltie Rescue Makes Home Visit in Utah for National Papillon Rescue Network

Sheltie Rescue got the call to help out Papillion Rescue.  They had a potential adopter in Utah but no Papillion Rescue people that they knew of, to call on.  So off we went to visit a lovely home with lovely potential adopters.  By the time I was done I was trying to figure out if there was some way I could turn them into Sheltie people and keep them for Sheltie Rescue of Utah!  I filled out a checklist for the home visit and emailed it back to the Papillion people.  But while I was visiting the home I took about seven different video clips showing the home, the people, and their current Papillions.  No matter how many times I view this video there are parts that just make me laugh each time — like the part where Izzy-Boo responds to the commands, “Give Me Five and now, Give Me Ten”.  It’s so cute!

This video is a series of clips that I took.  Jim and I worked really hard to use Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to pull all the clips together into a single video.  That was a LOT harder than expected.  After which, getting Facebook or even Youtube to handle the resulting file, which was a proprietary adobe file type, a .prel file.  After googling I discovered that we could actually convert the .prel file to an .avi file in Adobe Premier Elements 9.  I got this software after trying out several free ones or free trials because somebody somewhere said that Adobe’s product is much easier to use.  It might be but dang — I finally ordered some books to help us out with future projects!   – Barbara

Papillion Rescue Home Visit to a GREAT Adopting Home!

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