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Sheltie Rescue of Utah Quilt Raffle on Facebook!

Hi Faithful Readers!

The most adorable quilt is being raffled to help Sheltie Rescue!  It’s a quilt that suitable for ANY dog lover of ANY breed, you or a friend, or daughter, or son, or husband, or wife, or cousin…etc. !  It’s just DANG CUTE!

Awesome Shanna Wilkinson and Mom, Cindy Wilkinson, with faithful famous service dog Holly who helps Shanna know when she’s about to have a seizure, has set up a raffle to help Sheltie Rescue of Utah with our over $10,000 veterinary bill which is expected to climb with the additional surgeries needed for several Shelties here.

You HAVE to see this quilt that they’re raffling…it is a FUN quilt for any dog lover of any breed.  And for a $5.00 raffle ticket, if you win, it’ll be a steal!  If you go to the link below at you’ll see a great photo of it.  Even if you don’t want it, but win it, it’d be a great gift for any dog lover in your life…adult or child.  Not to mention that each raffle ticket purchase is going to help whittle away at our vet bill. Check out the quilt and buy your raffle tickets by following the instructions below!

Fundraiser for Sheltie Rescue of Utah
Get your tickets to win a hand tied Queen size quilt!
Sheltie Rescue of Utah owes $9,540 in vet bills. 100% of money raised will go directly to vet bills.
1 ticket= $5 donation
8 tickets= $25 donation
20 tickets =$50 donation
Go to for a direct link to donate for your quilt tickets.

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2 comments to Sheltie Rescue of Utah Quilt Raffle on Facebook!

  • Kim

    Great looking quilt, it’s obvious a lot of work went into it.  I will be buying my tickets in the next couple days but I wanted to ask how Tommy wad doing, if he had surgery yet or not.  Also, how is Jett?  Has she healed well from the procedure?  

  • Kim, thanks for buying the tickets. This experiment is going to be a great success and really help us pay off a chunk of the vet bill!

    Tommy had his surgery a week ago today and spent the next 2.5 days at the vet’s. Happily, his calcium levels didn’t start running all over the map, but they stabilized very quickly, which was surprising, but very welcome. We still don’t have the lab results back, so we don’t know whether the tumor they removed was malignant or not, but they were absolutely confident that they got it all. He’s been back home since Friday and is doing great. He’s got his old appetite back, wanders around like he always has, goes outside to go potty just like he always did, etc. Except for the shaved neck and the stitches (which he doesn’t even scratch!), you’d never know that anything happened. We’re very pleased!

    Jett’s also doing super. Once we had her re-stitched for the third time, we managed to figure out how to keep her “hat” (a/k/a cone, or Elizabethan collar) on her, and she was unable to get at the stitches. It took perhaps another three or four days before the wounds healed completely and we removed her collar. And she’s back to her normal self.

    Thanks for caring!!

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