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Sport Gets His Own Mom and Dad and the Quilt Fundraiser Raises $2,000.00!!!

Hey…to everyone’s total surprise that adorable quilt raised $2,000.00 for Sheltie Rescue of Utah.  We are SO happy, thrilled, grateful…and humbled by everyone’s participation.  It’s really touching to see how the dog community rallies.  Thank you ALL!

Sport gets his very own Dad and Mom! Our loving and playful, youthful senior boy, Sport, has been with us for some time. He is a bit of a clown with a big heart. At night when we’d go up to bed, Sport would leap into the bed and roll around…basking in the bedding, sheets, and scents, and all that they represent to him.

Sport also reminded us greatly of a previous rescue named Sly, who lived out his life with us, dying in my arms of a heart attack. When Sly was dying in my arms my focus was completely on watching him and thinking what could I do, what should I do (other than screaming for Jim to get to where I was). I knew it was his heart because we’d been treating Sly for heart issues. I knew that there was probably nothing we could do…so I did what Jim taught me to do by example…hold him, soothe him talking into his ear, telling Sly I love him and what a good boy he is…calling his name and keeping his nose close to me so he can easily smell me. Watching him take that last agonal breath with his neck and head outstretched — talking to him all the time and even afterwards so that if he could hear me…he’d hear me telling him what a beautiful boy, what a good boy he is.

This made Sport even more special because we so loved Sly and Sport was so much like him. It wouldn’t surprise us if they were closely related. The photos were taken on Sport’s adoption day. Mom and Dad had previously visited with us and met Sport as well as many other Shelties here — we love to take advantage of opportunities to socialize everyone and watch how they approach these situations.

Dad, is Mike Hoffman, shown pictured. On his first visit with us and Sport and wife Emily, Mike started to get the feeling that he might know my husband, Jim Melton. As it turns out, they knew each other in a previous life before I ever knew Jim. It was really kind of incredible. Mike was dating a woman that Jim knew from the Great Salt Lake Obedience Club (GSLDTC). Many of you may not know this but Jim is an AKC Obedience Trial judge currently on retirement status because his travel schedule for work makes it too difficult for him to be active.

Facebook is so unpredictable…I looked at the photos and said, “Barbara, you really should edit these in Picassa before posting them. I said, Yes, I agree with you Barbara, let’s see if we can cancel this album and edit them and go back and post them afterwards.” Well, the photos got posted even though I didn’t click on anything to post them so I hope they’re bearable. I just need to fix Sport’s eyes…he’s not the alien martian dog that he appears to be in these photos!  I’m posting all this here now on SheltieTales because Facebook of course doesn’t like how long winded I am when I tell a story.  Pooh to Facebook!

I miss Sport terribly. After I finish preparing Star’s bowl of food I would always then prepare Sport’s bowl of food. I look at his empty crate and part of me sighs a terrible, sad sigh of loss and another part of me thinks…I’ve got one less bowl of food to prepare and that’s a good thing for a rescue. It’s a schizophrenic life. – Barbara

More photos and video of Sport, Mike, and Jim to come!

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