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Arthritic Bailey and Asocial Shelly Become Playmates!

Bailey’s arthritis is so bad that she can barely walk.  When Bailey does walk, it’s with a very lopsided gait.

Shelly has always had weird relationships with other Shelties here…never really friendly, frequently unfriendly.

But Shelly has decided that she really likes Bailey which in itself is just wonderful!  Check out how they play together and decide for yourself.  What do you think about their play?  We love watching them.  We have seen Bailey chase off dogs that she doesn’t want near her but she doesn’t react like that, ever, to Shelly.  Yesterday, I saw Shelly playing with Jodi.  Jodi and Shelly have known each other for quite awhile but have never played together and have been a little adversarial at times.Something about playing with Bailey has taught Shelly to play or eliminated some barriers Shelly may have had to playing.  It’s very neat and really interesting.  Watching Bailey and Shelly play always makes us smile.  Hope you do too!  – Barbara

ps The large Sheltie that pokes his muzzle into the video from the right is new boy, 10 year old and very active, Rusty.  The little blue girl who walks through the video later on is Jodi.

Arthritic Bailey and Asocial Shelly Become Playmates!

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1 comment to Arthritic Bailey and Asocial Shelly Become Playmates!

  • We’ve had so many older dogs that always seem to develop arthritis like Bailey. Our Katie was forever a puppy at heart…even when she was 17. We had to constantly slow her down and try to calm her down from wanting to play too hard. It would have been good for her, but every time she got too wild in playing, she would hurt herself and end up limping for several days. Exercise is a must for odler dogs, but for dogs like Katie, you have to really watch them and not let them over-do it.

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