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Five Hour Energy

Another wonderful little story by John Perkins…

This be Link an I has sumfin ta woof at ya. In the afnernoon bout 2 I feels kinda tired an I lays down an Dad said he may puts sumfin called 5 Hour Energy in my water ta perk me up sews I can werk more and keep these Mini Zebu’s in line. Now I hasta ask ya wear is his head, no ya don’t need ta answer cause we awl nose wear his head is. Ennyways there’s a lot of old dogs out there likes a whole lot of old humans out there and the dogs an humans is gettin older. Now what is good round 2PM when yer old an sumtimes when yer young is a nap stead of werkin an sumtimes ya lays down an ya just can’t goes ta sleep. Sews maybe slumbunny should invent sumthin to help ya to nap an calls it Two Hour Nap. Betcha it would out sell 5 Hour Energy. Now it’s time fur me ta try to take a nap if these Zebu’s will leaf me lone.

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