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Buffy’s Update 10-18-11

We have been fostering Buffy for nearly two years. He has been a good companion for Mattie since Chloe died in December of kidney failure. Buffy has struggled with weight since before we got him. I noticed a few months ago that he drank an excessive amount of water. We had him tested for Diabetes when we got his teeth cleaned. Negative. Last week the vet suggested he might have Cushing’s Disease so we had blood work done. Our vet called this morning and confirmed, indeed, Buffy had Cushing’s Disease.

What follows is some information  that concurs with what the Vet said:

increased thirst, increased appetite, weight gain, large, sagging belly caused by the distribution of fat, hair is dull and can become thin and fall out, seeking out cool places on the floor to lay, skin thins. This disorder happens more frequently in aging dogs so often the symptoms are attributed to the aging process. Usually this disorder is caused by a tumor on the adrenal glands and can be treated with medication.

I am sharing this just in case you have an old dog with these symptoms, you might be wise to get him/her checked.

Other than that, Buffy is happy in our home and we are happy with him.

Sharon St.John

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