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Breakfast Rituals, Cereal, and SIT

Hi Aunt Barbara…I'd like to give you a good morning kiss but Uncle Jim is handing out cereal! Gotta go!

Jim is a cereal lover.  Every morning he has cereal for breakfast.  For years he’s had a ritual whereby when he pours his cereal into his bowl he then hands out one kernel of whatever cereal he’s eating, to each dog in the house.  Before they can get their cereal bit, Jim asks them to sit.  This has been a great way to do some training with new rescues who perhaps once knew what SIT means and are now getting a refresher on it.  For those rescues who haven’t a clue what it means, they can see what the other dogs around them are doing, and of course, we help them move themselves into a SIT position.  When they get their cereal reward it’s preceded by a whole lot of happy praise (praise then treat).  The dogs love this ritual, as you can see.  Even blind and deaf Tommy participates.

If we can just figure out this position we can get a bit of cereal!

Buddy, is the Sheltie looking at me.  He lives with Kalvin.  We were lucky enough to have these two sweet boys visit with us for a weekend while their folks were out of town.  Kalvin is now 17 years old!  We can hardly believe it.  He came to Sheltie Rescue when he was 10 years old and was biting people at the shelter he was at.  We were lucky to get him.  We are in awe of him because he still easily goes up and down stairs, jumps up onto the couch and shows an ability to move very nimbly that many dogs here who are years younger than he is, don’t have.  We have 11 year olds here who are much more fragile.  Here are some photos of Kalvin.

Kalvin and I visited Cottonwood Animal Hospital for a dental, senior wellness panel, and a senior Sheltie tune-up in November 2011. I am so proud of what a beautiful senior he is.

Kalvin in 2010 on a previous visit with Camp Sheltie.

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