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Picking Up Tikki at Salt Lake Spay & Neuter After Her Spay and Dental

Wow! It's Cherise! Wait 'til you here what a day I've had! Let's Get Out of Here – FAST!

Myself and SRU volunteer Cherise Cook went to Salt Lake Spay and Neuter to pick up Tikki. She had gone in for a spay, dental, heartworm test, and worming (this had already been done but we decided to do a follow-up). She came out with the fur on her head looking kind of strange but I was surprised to see how awake she was. I had expected her to be sleepier. She was very happy to see us and insisted that I pet her, while Cherise held her bundled in a fleece blanket, in the car. She was nauseous. Apparently they had given her plenty of fluids during the procedure because on the way home she pee’d on Cherise’s jeans. I should have known better and given her a chance to urinate before we got into the car. We put her straight into her crate at home and gave her a light dinner of rice with some chopped up white meat turkey mixed into it. She enjoyed it very much! No upset tummies after that! During the evening she wanted to sleep on Jim’s lap. When we went up to bed she was looking almost like her normal self. We checked on her incision and it was visible but just barely. Very clean! Today, the day after her surgery, she’s a little subdued and not as playful as she normally is with Marley, but other than that — she’s looking and behaving as though she’s feeling pretty good. She had a great breakfast and dinner today, going potty normally, and wanting my attention and Jim’s attention as usual, and letting big boy Rusty know that she’s not in the mood for any rough games today, by growling at him. By Friday, I’m not sure if she’ll remember that she had surgery this week! We love seeing how well she’s doing. I’m sure that Marley is happy she’s back home too. Tikki and Marley have an adoption day coming up very soon. We’re thrilled with their adopting family — they couldn’t be more loving and interested in their new kids.  I hope you enjoy the video of Tikki at the vet’s office with Cherise – who is an awesome volunteer!  – Barbara

Picking Up Tikki after Her Spay, Dental, & Heartworm Test – Dec 2011

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