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Eva Sak’s Rescued Sheltie Flash – Flashing a Huge Smile and Having Fun!

I so want to be THIS happy!

Eva Saks in California is getting the paper work together to start a 501c3 Sheltie Rescue group in the Van Nuys area.  Eva, the soft-hearted, loving soul that she is, will specialize in rescuing Shelties that others might put down.  What!  A rescue putting down seniors who’ve been dumped in shelters?  Couldn’t really be much of a rescue, could it?

So Eva is making sure that these senior Shelties have a place of love, warmth, and medical support that they can go to rather than being (you won’t believe this) taken out of the shelter, only to be held in a cage for a week or two, then to be euthanized, without being held by someone who loves them.

You can see what Eva’s love, oodles of care, and medical attention has done for Flash here…  – Barbara

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