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Java’s Adopter Has Passed and Now Java is Seeking a Forever Home

Very Lovable Java – A Wonderful Companion!

This is Java. We placed him about 10 months ago with a gentleman with a terminal disease. Java is a wonderful companion dog – very gentle, sweet, well-behaved, and very well house-trained – and very, very loyal. Sadly, he lost his adopter a couple of weeks ago – so we’re looking for a gentle, sweet, well-behaved and very, very loyal adopter that will give him a forever home where he will be spoiled with the healthiest dog foods, treats, and toys for the rest of his life. Java is about 5 years of age. Prior to his adoption we had a thorough dental done on him along with a comprehensive blood panel, urinalysis, thyroid test, heartworm test, vaccinations, microchip implant, and worming. I’ve got to say that I find him so lovable – it’ll be hard to say goodbye to him…again. – Barbara

Doesn't he just get cuter with every photo? Java is actually very camera shy! That's why his ears are back.

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