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Overweight 10 Year Old Missy Needs Transportation from Meridian, ID to SLC
Transport Needed for Missy – 10 year old Sheltie from Wyoming. Her owners passed away. Family took her in and moved her to Idaho. Other dogs in the home didn’t like Missy so she landed in the Meridian, ID shelter. We’re told that Missy is VERY overweight. She needs to be carried outside to go potty. Thanks to Jim’s building skills we have a ramp that she may be able to negotiate even with the excess weight. If you can help her move to Sandy, UT from Meridian Idaho please call 801-231-3031. We have a volunteer in Meridian who is willing to meet someone halfway. Meridian is about a 5 hour drive from Sandy, UT. If you can meet the volunteer from the Meridian shelter halfway, please consider helping Missy – doesn’t she have a great smile! 801-231-3031 or 801-942-4762. Thanks so much for thinking about this.

Pretty much as soon as she gets here we’ll get a senior wellness profile done on her – it includes a full blood panel, a urinalysis, and a thyroid test.  She may be so overweight as a consequence of low thyroid production – a common problem in many Shelties. After that, we’ll give her a chance to settle in and feel like she’s really home.   – Barbara

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