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For some, 50 Shades of Grey may represent something erotic but for Monty’s family 50 Shades of Grey is how you feel when you’re Sheltie-kid has been missing for so long.  Sheltie Rescue of Utah recently recovered a Sheltie known (though not know by us) to be on the run for over a year in a particular area.  Monty is out there somewhere and needs help.
Please help us find our Monty. He is a Shetland Sheepdog/Sheltie who has been missing since Aug 26,2012 in Milpitas, CA. He has been spotted on Dixon Landing Road and on Washington Dr in Milpitas, CA. Click About below or Notes for more info.

We have been searching for Monty since Aug 26, 2012. He does not know how to get home on his own. He has been sighted in Milpitas, CA. He is very shy so please do not chase or yell. It is best to lure him with food preferably into a backyard so he cannot run away from the area or into traffic. He likes cheese. He has a scar on his snout. He has been spotted on Dixon Landing Road and on Washington Dr in Milpitas, CA. Last sighting was in early September. He was seen using the overpass on Dixon Landing Road perhaps to cross the 880 freeway going west at around 6-7pm. He may be hiding and coming out near sunset or just before the sun rises to find food.

We’ve done everything on the list of things to do to find a lost dog from shelters and multiple websites. We’ve put up posters, gave out calling cards, drive around with a sign on our car, biked, walked, drove around the different neighborhoods, used petamberalert, craigslist, facebook, twitter, checked with city hall, police, vets, groomers, newspaper, all animal shelters, animal communicator, etc. City of Milpitas will not allow us to put a trap in the parks so we have to plead with everyone to keep an eye out for him. If spotted we can ask someone who lives near the sighting if we can use their backyard as a trap. If someone has taken him in, spreading the word will help that person find us so they can return Monty.

It takes only a few seconds to share his lost poster or his FB page on your FB wall. Please spare a few seconds to help find Monty. Thanks!

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