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Blogging isn’t a skill born with most of us. Even for people who are comfortable blogging, different blogging software has different behaviors. With that in mind, we decided it might be a Nice Thing for our readers and bloggers to explain a few things about the SheltieTales blog site.

  • Most people approach a new blog site by going to the main page, at which they can read the most recent posts to the blog. That’s probably what you were seeing before you clicked on How To… tab that opened this page. You can always return to that “front page” by clicking on the tab labeled Home.
  • Anybody with a web browser can read the entries at this blog site. But only people who have registered are allowed to post comments and new blog entries. Look in the left sidebar, in the box titled “This ‘n’ That” to find a link called “Login”, then click that link. If you’re already registered, then all you have to do is fill in your login ID and password. If you’re not registered, then look below the password box to find a link cleverly labeled Register”. Click on it, answer a few questions, and zingo! Bob’s your uncle. Start blogging and commenting at will.
  • If you find yourself reading blog entries at, and wanting to create a new blog entry, it’s not obvious how to do it. Look in the left sidebar for that box titled “This ‘n’ That” to find a link called “Write a new blog post“. You’ll be taken to a screen on which you can enter a title for your blog posting and a “rich text” box where you can enter the posting itself. When you’re done, simply click on the button labeled “Publish”. Please note: If it’s your first blog entry, there won’t be a button labeled “Publish”, so click on the button labeled “Save” and we’ll be notified and have to release it from quarantine (this helps significantly in reducing spam postings). Oh, by the way, don’t forget to categorize your blog entry by clicking on one of the little check boxes on the right side of the screen, cleverly nested in a larger box labeled Categories :)
  • If you’re reading blog entries and find a particular post on which you’d like to comment, you don’t have to go to as much trouble. Simply click on the title of the post, which opens that single post, then scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find a box labeled Leave A Reply. Simply type your comment into that box, then click the button labeled Post My Comment. If it’s your first comment, we’ll be notified and…well, see the previous bullet.

From time to time, we’ll undoubtedly discover some aspects of this blog site that are not so obvious. When we do, we’ll update this page with new bullets explaining how those things work.

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  • Sunmist

    If “Sage” is the sable posted on the NUVA shelter page, she appears to be in rough shape, and her age is not “baby”. Poor thing!! Keep us posted… she’s in our thoughts!